Monday, June 20, 2011

Boardriders Club Comp - The Full Story!!

(above): THE WINNER!! -Scott Edwards
Apologies for the delay in getting this story through as we had a few technical difficulties along the way!!!!

-Nelson's first known Surfing competition-
-Sunday July 5th 2011...

It had always been spoken about yet often figured incredibly hard to plan.
The inconsistency of surf in Nelson and not wanting to interfere with anyones much sought after water time always posed a problem but with the last couple of months incredible consistency and dissapointment of not being able to attend the kaikoura coldwater classic this year, what started as a joke, a seed from the plant "what if?"- gradually turned itself into an amazingly successful event far exceeding anyones expectations. In reality the whole thing was only put together between a few people on a friday night and by the sunday we saw up to 70 spectators and 30 entrants in the inaugral Schnappers Classic 2011 !!!! There was a $500 prize pool up for grabs and spot prizes in each division making sure everyone was in with a chance!!
(above): Vaclav(Vinnie)Nic, scores an early wave in the first open heat.
(above): Sol Hayes-Martin going all skate in the juniors finishing 4th.
Three divisions....... Juniors, Longboard and Opens with the opens being taken out by Scotty Edwards who scored a "buzzer-beater" and snatched victory from Mark Nichols with third being so close a countback conceeded the 3rd position to Marco Edwards (Scottys father ;-) .....with Keni Duke-Hetet just missing out finishing 4th,
Marco also took out the Junior Division which was a massive 8 man heat/final with ROry Dubenic coming in second and Ash O;donnel from Blenheim close behind in 3rd.
Longboards were dominated by Kitescool owner/operator Warren Mitchell on a borrowed "tunnel fin" .....

(above): Juniors winner Marco Edwards high speed shralp
Olin Pilcher BYOB ( bring your own bbq).... cooked up fresh Snapper fillets at Snapper along with Oyster fritters and a few crew enjoyed a relaxing bevvie or two.
VAclav Nic endured wipeout of the day made famous later in the week scoring the backpage of the Nelson Mail and the terrestrial wipeout of the day went to Carlton Cj Barton who's exploding plastic chair routine was much more than hilarious.
(above): Olin "Big O" Pilcher with his own version of fried Snapper.
The whole contest scene will never takeover Nelson no matter how hard you inhale but it was absolutely amazing to see how much everyone enjoyed the day and helped out with everything.
Id like to especially thank Aaron Lyttle and Sophie, Barry Kingston , Briggsy and Johnny Hoges for their support ...
its a boardriders club... Its for fun,
Thats what we did.
(above) Blenheimist Hamish Simpson brings it round.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Glen Skatepark Officially Opened.

Well when the waves dont co-operate you can always go smack up some concrete and now thanks to two young guys from The Glen you can now do this ... at The Glen.
The boys formed a petition and recieved over 5ooo signatures and although the Park has been complete for a couple of months now, sunday saw the official ribbon cutting..
If your in the area go roll it !!!
Awesome effort Colm and Finn!!!! (apologise for the name goof up boys)..

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Club Comp Amazing Success.

Nelson's first ever surfing competition, albeit a friendly one went absolutely off on sunday exceeding anyones expectations as it seemed to manifest itself into one of the most fun days
anyone has ever had sitting and surfing on the boulder bank!!.
Quick results below with full story and results to come.

Longboard: 1st Place - Warren Mitchell

Juniors: 1st - Marco Edwards
2nd-Rory Dubenic
3rd- Ash O'Donnel

2nd-Mark nichols
3rd- Marco Edwards
4th- Keni Duke-Hetet
5th- Hamish Simpson

Swell Season On !!!

(above) TuaraWhati in all its Glory. Just like that. The flick of a switch. Four days in a row of waves and at least 2 more systems on ...