Friday, December 9, 2016


Thats right folks, you know its Summer when Baby B and the Boys Come to Play.
Take Care Out There.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Classic Results

Full Story to come:

OPEN 1st Jackson Gregory
           2nd Mark Nichols
           3rd Ryan Stratford
           4th Marco Edwards

JUNIOR : 1st Josh Sheridan
                 2nd Raul Ventura
                 3rd Emma Pegg
                 4th Jalan Heaton

Over 40's:  1st Sam Dillon
                  2nd: Glen Aspin
                  3rd : Dale Cooley
                  4th: Rob Sheridan

Longboard:  1st Raef Murray
                     2nd Toby Wild
                     3rd Dale Cooley
                     4th Graham Clark

Monday, November 7, 2016

NBR CLub Day This Saturday

Come join us for a BBQ a fun surf comp and all round bloody good times to celebrate a great year
of surfing and massive uprise in the Nelsonboardriders Surf Club.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where the Cool Kids Are At !!!

Somewhere over a hill, in a land far away, A bunch of micro grommets are brewing like a carefully aged spirit. Introducing Caden Cooley, Louis Harvey, Asht0n Cooley and Josh Churchill.                           Maticulously coached on by Dad and "Surf Uncle" Dale Cooley, Watch out over the next couple of years as these boys are set to spray you in the face real soon.
(above): Caden and Josh sharing a laugh

(above): Louis finding his feet in the wax.

(above): Asht0n green facing it!!!

(above): Josh Churchill , stylez for miles!!!
All Photos By Nicole Cooley. Copyright 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Meeting - Minutes.

4.30pm meeting started
Present: Jamie Sumner, Graham Clark, Mark Nicols, Sam Dillon, David Pons, Trudie Pegg, Emma pegg
All present board members stand down. Trudie Pegg-Secretary Mark Nicols-President

Discussions and decisions held/made:
Surfing Reserve @ Snappers
Getting numbers of GROMS interested in 7week surf training (possible chance to be selections for NZ Nationals if at compeditive level)  Beginners to Advanced welcome.  Every Sunday from 9th October and Wednesdays.
 Junior surf days at rabbit island/ under 14yrs with old NBR kids helping out.
Womens beginners surf day, Cindy Mosey ran one several years ago.   Thought of $20 per person interested, gets board use and coaching by NBR members willing to give there time.   The $20 goes to the club. 

 more Junior and Club days before the end of 2016.   aim for 3 comps a year.
 Club days and comps shouldn't all be about competition. 
 suggested getting numbers and car pooling for the Buller Board Riders Champs 23rd October(labour weekend) other Buller board riders comp dates 13th November, 4th December, 18th December.
Talked about crew going down to Malfuction, Longboarding in March 2017
 More social events to get to know more surfers.  More events, meals out, fun days BBQs at Rabbit Island
 gravelling snappers car park.   Previous work done threw Burguss and Crowley,   bill given to NCC instead of NBR paying
GROMS fundraise to help get themselves to comps outside of Nelson.
members to sell raffles to raise money for NBR club.
Meat raffles (see if Meat Solutions would provide)
jamie Sumner offered Black board also for raffle.
David Pons made offer to ask Leen for a Keg lol
Discussion held about benches/changing pads at Snappers(group unsure as public place) Rubbish bins, litter and dumping, dog excrement.
Sponsors for club displayed on facebook page, update blog, logo on Cover.
Cut off date for Membership to club if not paid by due date, removed from facebook members page?  3rd October due date.
discussions on finding club rooms.
Set date for first social club day.  event/surf/funday October 2nd Midday Sunday @ Rabbit Island.   Sausages- meat solutions.   Gizzbo-Peggs (games fishbowl classic Older members pair up with a junior for fun competition.   Volleyball games, other water sports, games and team challenges.  Check with sponsor "Meat Solutions" if they will provide meat.
Elections on positions:
President = Mark Nicols
Secretary,Tresurer = Trudie Pegg
Long board rep/co-ord = Graham Clark
Grommet Rep/co-ord = Emma Pegg
Social events co-ord = David Pons and Graham Clark

meeting closed 5.50pm