Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kaikoura Coldwater Classic Wrap-Up

( still awaiting story and photos).....

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Queens Bidet'

(above): James Laird. Evo-Lution
Whats Happening this Long Weekend??
Lots infact...... Heeeeeaps!!
First up is the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic starting Friday and Finishing Sunday.
The Nelson team heading down consisting of Raul Ventura, Josh Sheridan, David Pons, Emma Pegg , Sam Dillon and Rachel Clark and Leen Von Edenburgh,
I personally wish this lot the best time as unfortunately I wont be joining them this year,

Secondly, Nelsonboardriders T's and Hoodies look amazing, thanks heaps to Trudie Pegg for organizing everything and after dealing with the club stuff on my own for the last decade or so its great for someone else to come along and realise just how unorganized us surfers are like ,,,,
How many times do you actually have to ask what is the club account number???.....

Last but not least I will hopefully pick up a disc from Bill Evans today which contains images from a super session that went down at Snappers a couple weeks back now at the same time the below goPro footage was caught.
Copies of this disc will be available for 5 bux a piece with money going back into club account which you all know the number of by now!!!

The weekend forecast looks amazing weather wise so get out and enjoy it!

Peace Haoles.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cold Chocolate

From The Gloomy Mud Flats of Paremata.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fear and Loathing in Quake-Vegas


Ok everyone, revamped membership details
(above): Ashton Cooley, not even a teenager yet and breathing down your neck !!

Adults - $25 per year
Kids U14 - $15 per year
Family of 4 (2A2C) - $50 per year, additional kids $10 per year
Membership will be for the year - until December each year, so fees due January (pay now if you haven't already) each year.
Fees need to be paid before the comp next weekend if possible

01-0702-0238590-00 - use your name as reference
Being a paid member will entitle you to:
Nelson Boardriders stickers
Access to Nelson Boardriders Facebook and Instagram pages (these pages will very soon become for Nelson or Buller Boardriders members or founding members only)
Club Fun days
Contributions for comp entries outside Nelson
Entry to Nelson Club Comps (3 per year) in one division
We are currently working on new T-Shirts and Hoodies - these will not be included in your subs, but we will keep the cost to a minimum, and will be asking for orders soon - watch this space!!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Crystal Ball Never Quite Crystal.- All is Swell that Ends Swell

The impending storm approaches. From 3 days out the anxiety amounts and by the time the waves finally arrive you're a deflated ball of adrenaline defeated mess.......... sound familiar?
This is Exactly why and how 'Surf City' Nelson gets its claws in.....

Adding to this are the forecast changes every 6 hours and to use this morning as a perfect example.

-All surf forecast models have downgraded this swell system as below 0.5 of a metre.

Buoyweather even has the swell at 5metres from the east .....infact.... Buoyweather even has the swell at 3 metres from the east in the middle of the Marlborough Sounds.

If you hadnt lived here for more than five years, nor if you were new-comer this information would be telling you pretty straight up that it is howling offshore and there will not be any waves in the next 48hours.

Perhaps thats it. No waves....

The problem with today's technology as far as surf forecasting goes and probably in all honesty a really great benefit to us is that... Surf City is its own entity.

Grommets and New Comers Alike....,... Strip It all back to the pre-internet days.. listen to coastal marine forecasts, put your finger to the wind and your protractor to the chart cos' only fundamental knoweledge of weather can help you now....

Hey hang a minute its been raining heavily since 2am but said no rain until this afternoon????

Boo- Bloody- Hoo.

Surf City Nelson - "Keeping it unique since 0.3m actually meant something entirely different......."