Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Song Remains The Same

Greetings surf children. Hopefully we have all replenished our bodies after that torrid run of super fun surfs over the last few weeks and you're all ready and raring to go for the next installment which by the sounds of things getting blown around outside my house as I wait for the sun to rise could be as soon as today.
The short daylight hours at the moment have definately pigeon-holed a lot of us with work commitments but slowly the cycle moves forward and we should see some weekend swells coming to us soon so hang in there.
(above): . Nate Torvik, Cable Resident feeling right at home... Photo: Richy Norton

What else has been happening lately?... well then why dont we get back to some good old fashioned .....

Rumour Mill :

>>>...Who is the local kaikoura lad and current south island surfing champion looking set to move to Nelson for the winter bound to make even our most introverted surfers even more so???...>>>>>>Who's the 3 guys who bought SUP's over the last 6 months and now dont know which board to ride when the waves come up? >>>>>Who is the Darth Vader of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Nelson seen hanging out with Luke Skywalker and the Jedi Crew out at Snappers on a shortboard in recent swells... wonders never cease!! ...and last but not least.....who's the grommet who smashed the crap out of his fin box then tried to blame it on the guy that fixed the plug?.......far out, grommets these days.<<<<<<<<<<,

A final closing farewell to grommet Finnley and his immediate family as they embark on a 6 month sojourn to Amsterdam and greater Holland.
take care over there grommet. ..... we want to see you back, and by the way I have a friend who has a bodyboard bag for you to bring back for me so I will see you in 6months time,,,,, Cheers !!

Thats enough banter from me,

All in good humour people so see you in the water hopefully sooner rather than later.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Kaikoura Coldwater Classic

Queens Birthday Weekend we are assembling a crew to go  down to ColdWater Classic  so if youre keen to enter and join us please contact us on 02102472729.
More Info and Entry Form via the SISA.Co.NZ  Website.
Otherwise.....probably some empty waves out West that Weekend right!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Massive Wetsuit Clearance / Lost Board

Body Glove are offering the craziest wetsuit deal seen in a long time for 3 days only starting tommorow.
For more info check this link 3 Day Sale
Just to clarify these are not the cheap suits that the warehouse normally stock these are the the American Made line of suits which are the "high end" normally retailing in the 350 to 400dolla range.

Also, found on the road on ANZAC day, a longboard..... been run over, if you know anyone who may have lost a board please contact us with description to confirm ownership and will get it back to ya, email nelsonboardriders at hotmail dot com,,,, cheers.
(above): Nelson's own version of Off The Wall, Bruce Wilson getting the job done somewhere along the Boulder Bank
Photo: Jimmy Jay Wright

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Club Comp Gremlin Photos

A selection of shots from the gremlin under 13 division at the Nelson Boardriders club day held at Tahunanui Beach a fortnight ago.
(above): The Boys checking the ominous conditions.

(above): Ashton Cooley strikes a pose.

(above): Loui Harvey of The Glen gets his trim on.
 Hopefully some more photos to come from a foreign english camera man who was shooting the "grown-up" divisions.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Saturday Arvo Viewing Pleasure

This classic clip taken by Chase Burns at a Secret Location somwhere near Phillip Island may be a few years old now but the waves and the surfing at this ridiculous beach break are well,,,,,,, ridiculous!!

Photo of the Week.

Awesome morning viewing at Kina Reef this morning just off the Tasman highway.
Thanks for the photo Caligula Thomas.
(above): Morning Glory, Photo: Caligula Thomas

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Where do you even start!!!!

(above): Jeremy Pooley slotted at Cable Bay late Monday,.Photo: Dave Scranny
A big fat "wow". It seems the misery of our surf deprived 2014 and early 2015 has been completely quashed within the space of a couple of months with Cyclone Pam breaking the strangle-hold of flatness bestowed upon our surf town. Basically, ever since Pam we have had a nice run of swells with a swell late ANZAC weekend actually surpasssing the size of Pam with some amazing waves going down at all breaks.
(above): Ruby Bay, somebody get a bucket of water cos' this place is on fire.Photo: Mike Bakersville
Also going down over the weekend was Nelson Boardriders club day, a fun surf comp and get together in atrocious weather at tahunanui beach. The event ran smoothly with wildcard and current south island circuit champion Levi O Connor giving us all a lesson in good surfing taking out the open event. The longboards were taken out for the third year running, a hat-trick by Geoff Noble whilst the Juniors was taken out by Jimmy Wright and the Girls a clear cut winner with Rachel Clark a cut above the rest.

Awesome participation despite the inclement weather and a great after-party/presentation at TahunaStudios workshop. A giant thanks to all who helped out with extra special thanks to Boulder Bank Electrical, Hogeys Surf, TahunaStudios, Pit Stop and Nelson Packaging,

FULL RESULTS:  Open 1st Place   - Levi  O Connor 2nd Place  - Jimmy Wright
 3rd Place  - Mark Nichols  4th Place   - David Pons
  Juniors: 1st Place - Jimmy Wright  , 2nd Place- Colm Dubienic 3rd Place - Zac Dillon 4th Place - Ryan Ford

   Longboard:  1st Place - Geoff Noble 2nd Place - Graham Clark 3rd Place - Ben Winmill 4th Place - Raefe Murray

 Girls:  1st Place - Rachel Clark 2nd Place - Leen Van Edinburgh 3rd Place - Charlotte Soo Choon
  4th Place - Maeghan Mc Isaac

 Gremlins: 1st Place:  Johhny Noble  2nd Place:  Ashton Cooley/ Olivia Clark 3rd place: Louie Harvey 

 Injury List:  Carlton Barton - fibreglass splinter between his teeth
                   Mark Nichols - perforated eardrum copping an 8fter on the head at heaving Glen,
                   Russel Bruce -  Stitches in cheek from surfboard fin.
Please feel free to add yourself to this list,