Sunday, October 16, 2016

Where the Cool Kids Are At !!!

Somewhere over a hill, in a land far away, A bunch of micro grommets are brewing like a carefully aged spirit. Introducing Caden Cooley, Louis Harvey, Asht0n Cooley and Josh Churchill.                           Maticulously coached on by Dad and "Surf Uncle" Dale Cooley, Watch out over the next couple of years as these boys are set to spray you in the face real soon.
(above): Caden and Josh sharing a laugh

(above): Louis finding his feet in the wax.

(above): Asht0n green facing it!!!

(above): Josh Churchill , stylez for miles!!!
All Photos By Nicole Cooley. Copyright 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Club Meeting - Minutes.

4.30pm meeting started
Present: Jamie Sumner, Graham Clark, Mark Nicols, Sam Dillon, David Pons, Trudie Pegg, Emma pegg
All present board members stand down. Trudie Pegg-Secretary Mark Nicols-President

Discussions and decisions held/made:
Surfing Reserve @ Snappers
Getting numbers of GROMS interested in 7week surf training (possible chance to be selections for NZ Nationals if at compeditive level)  Beginners to Advanced welcome.  Every Sunday from 9th October and Wednesdays.
 Junior surf days at rabbit island/ under 14yrs with old NBR kids helping out.
Womens beginners surf day, Cindy Mosey ran one several years ago.   Thought of $20 per person interested, gets board use and coaching by NBR members willing to give there time.   The $20 goes to the club. 

 more Junior and Club days before the end of 2016.   aim for 3 comps a year.
 Club days and comps shouldn't all be about competition. 
 suggested getting numbers and car pooling for the Buller Board Riders Champs 23rd October(labour weekend) other Buller board riders comp dates 13th November, 4th December, 18th December.
Talked about crew going down to Malfuction, Longboarding in March 2017
 More social events to get to know more surfers.  More events, meals out, fun days BBQs at Rabbit Island
 gravelling snappers car park.   Previous work done threw Burguss and Crowley,   bill given to NCC instead of NBR paying
GROMS fundraise to help get themselves to comps outside of Nelson.
members to sell raffles to raise money for NBR club.
Meat raffles (see if Meat Solutions would provide)
jamie Sumner offered Black board also for raffle.
David Pons made offer to ask Leen for a Keg lol
Discussion held about benches/changing pads at Snappers(group unsure as public place) Rubbish bins, litter and dumping, dog excrement.
Sponsors for club displayed on facebook page, update blog, logo on Cover.
Cut off date for Membership to club if not paid by due date, removed from facebook members page?  3rd October due date.
discussions on finding club rooms.
Set date for first social club day.  event/surf/funday October 2nd Midday Sunday @ Rabbit Island.   Sausages- meat solutions.   Gizzbo-Peggs (games fishbowl classic Older members pair up with a junior for fun competition.   Volleyball games, other water sports, games and team challenges.  Check with sponsor "Meat Solutions" if they will provide meat.
Elections on positions:
President = Mark Nicols
Secretary,Tresurer = Trudie Pegg
Long board rep/co-ord = Graham Clark
Grommet Rep/co-ord = Emma Pegg
Social events co-ord = David Pons and Graham Clark

meeting closed 5.50pm

Monday, September 19, 2016

A General Meeting

***Nelsonboardriders AGM at the Pegg household THIS SATURDAY ARVO 25 Hillwood Drive Wakapuaka 4pm, 
Note: This is not a Social Event but Formal Meeting (yes with boring minutes and in-house voting) to Discuss the next 12 months moves forward as a club.
Everyone interested Welcome

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Whats on the Menu?

Well folks over the next coming fortnight things are looking up in Surf City with back to back swells set to bless our springy shores, supersticiously thanks to Ben Windmill and his anti swell magnet ways. You see everytime poor old Ben leaves Nelson for any stint of time Nelson reigns swell supreme. Nevermind Benny-Boy Im sure its just coincidence and Im also sure the less fitter crew will appreciate a few more waves here and there !!
Jokes and truths aside we are definately looking forward to warmer winds and water.

In club news,we are looking at holding some kind of event mid to late October most likely a fun club day with club competition and BBQ with somewhere like Rabbit Island being an Ideal Locale for a family orientated day however there is also a whisper of a night surfing event at The Glen.... club secretary treasurer Trudie Pegg is on the hunt for club subs for those of you willing to chip in your annual 25 buck fee if you are not sure if you are due to pay or not please email Trudie at  


Monday, August 29, 2016

Swell Flurries and Crowdless Waves

Thats right folk, Weve had some fun sessions over the last week and there has been a big battle between the beloved surf forecasting sites whereby Swellmap completely dropped the ball not even forecasting last Thursdays swell then saved face by calling the following afternoons spike in swell but all in all it was the overlord Buoyweather that stole the show and put things exactly in place as they should be.....
The lesson in all of this is to check every piece of surf forecasting tools that you have cos if you keep lifting up those stones eventually you will uncover a swell. It is "Surf City" after all !!

In all seriousness we have had some amazing swell over the last 10 days and the crowd numbers have been super low to say the least, Of course this has nothing to do with internet forecast sites getting it wrong?,,, surely not. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw a while ago where a guy is sitting in his office looking at the computer screen in which the surf forecast says the surf is small and poor whilst meanwhile out the window across the road at the beach its pumping.
(above): Friday afternoon Snappers broke all through the high tide.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Local Surf Shop Versus The Internet.

After some friendly banter with a mate ironically "online" yesterday morning I thought It was time to add my 2cents worth. The Inertia surf-site published a story regarding the surf industry and how as surfers it kind of stands against most of the things that we actually stand for.. but with the Catch22 being that we actually rely on the industry for the production of boards/wetsuits legropes wax etc.
Basically it came down to the point that a lot of surfers nowadays use a surfshop as a changeroom to try something on and then go home and order it online from a surf retail website with names like hyperdude and backstitch (names contorted as not to be sued). All because they can save a few bucks but the reality is that this kind of retail therapy is actually killing the little guys/s on the street..
This is not new news I know, but just take the time to think about it next time you browse through a website for your next purchase. Wouldnt it suck if you couldnt go and buy a legrope, wax or fin on the same day as you needed it? Be sociable and  go visit your local surf/skate and kite outlet and spend that extra ten bucks. Stop bypassing the middle man and padding the pocket of the big corporation directly because eventually its gonna bite you in the ass.
Seen many surf magazines lately?.... me neither.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Flattest Days Ever ?

The upcoming few days may well be some of the ripple-less that we have ever seen in Nelson with both Swellmap and Buoyweather predicting some excessively SMALL swell on Monday through Wednesday.  Time to get those odd jobs done while the sun shines and the ground dries up a little,
Or,,,, just go to the west coast....
(above): Westports Tip-Head.  
"Looks great in photos"