Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cape Classic Needs YOU !!

After nearly being ripped from the South Island Circuit this year Westports historical Cape Classic surfing competition held at Tauranga Bay has been saved last minute by some godfather figures and it is my plea to all Nelson surfers interested and/or even half interested to get involved and get down there!! The event is set to run on the 26th27th of February only 3 weeks away a Friday/Saturday.
Please contact for more info or phone/text 02102472729.
Entry Forms will be made available ASAP.

Steamy Saturday

(above): Jeremy Pooley finding some free down the line flow.
With Waitangi Day air temperature floating around the 30 degree mark and the sea surface temp a balmy 24 degrees Saturday saw possibly the warmest session going down in Nelson surf history!!
As near good as it gets 3-4 sets charged through Snappers relentlessly with super consistency heaps of waves going down but along with this also a heap of people and sometimes the traffic almost ruined the day. A few heated words in the water has lead me to a bit of a reminder to those who dont know or sometimes "forget" the etiquette that goes along with surfing.

1: Sharing is Caring, but this doesnt mean 5 people paddling for the same wave. If someone is on the Inside ( closest to breaking curl ) and they look like a fair chance of catching the wave then it is
down right rude to paddle for the wave unless its your mate and you deliberately want to annoy!!

2: When paddling out and a surfer is riding a wave it is your obligation to get out of the way and this
means paddling to the inside broken water not the shoulder thus allowing the rider free down the
 line pathway unless you are so far out on the shoulder that this option is not viable,
 Bottom line,  Get out of the way!! No one wants to see carnage of both board and body.

3:  Sharing is caring 2.0  -   If someone looks like they havent got a wave for a while then give em a   chance.... call them into a wave or gift them a wave, You will feel awesome for it and then they           owe you one right? !!!

4:  Be honest with yourself......  are you really going to make that section?? If not then shout "go"
 There is nothing worse than a wave going to waste because someone thinks they are super human,
(above): Hayden Goulding doing a dam fine KS impersonation.

*With all the above said... Snappers is a frustrating wave when crowded due to the shiftiness of the
   peak and no real designated "inside"...... the best etiquette in    surfing is the taking turns game... if    you're honest with yourself know who hasnt had a wave for   a while and if you are one who sits on the shoulder complaining  others who paddle past you have to be in it to win it... it isnt a   lunch  line!!!

So here is the simplified contradictory version.
1: Take turns
2: Closest to the peak wins
3: Get out of the way.

A final note:  Local surf girl Cindy Mosey basically summed it up the other day by telling all the boys to "pull their heads in" ... "Its not the world tour"... and " Were all out here to have fun".

Brutal truths.

See you Next Swell.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Windyty is Here.

Here is the link to   Windyty.
Soon to join the links page.
Please enjoy..

Friday, January 15, 2016

Surf City Back With a Vengeance......

(above): Prime Smoke Schnapper...   Photo: Mammoth

It seemed only about 3 weeks ago we were all having a cry about the lack of surf lately and then all of a sudden as the unpredictable Surf City does...... it all got turned on its head.
It all started a couple of days out from New Years day with a small goundswell from sub tropical low just shy of being a cyclone then before we knew it we got smashed by a blustery Northwester with that one particular afternoon producing the goods at a "mythical" rivermouth...

The above mentioned surf was rather thick crowd wise with numbers around the 25 mark but there were plenty of waves to be had and everyone left the water stoked and Mike Baker even had time to produce this little clip shot from his goPro.

Now if thats not enough to fuel your fire then last week Cyclone Ulu hovers about overhead sending down some delectible delights in the form of a super clean groundswell with the Thursday morning just about as good as waves get in the 4ft range there were even some tubes on offer...

So you could say its been a great start to the year and remember
...."you never know your luck in Surf City"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Welcome back everybody!! Was a great to start the year with some waves in good old surf city..
A little small but beggars cant be chosers and with more on the way.... why worry!!
Quite a promising start to the Cyclone season with that little sub-troppo low forming just shy of our sweet spot and with the MJO ( google is your friend ) soon to be lurking above our respected pacific heads things could get pretty special this season........ just saying.

Local longboarder Ben Winmill is currently in Noosa with his mate filming the Documentary "Way Back When" and sent a shot of him and his mate interviewing legendary shaper Peter Way a couple of days ago. Totally looking forward to this docco with a vague planned viewing intertwined with a boardriders club meet.

Now just to keep things super fruity for the New Year sit back and relax to this little Miki Dora clip.

chasing dora from eclipse surfboards on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dog of The Year

Froth-Dog,,,,, Signing out for 2015