Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nelson Surfing Documentary Coming Soon

Nelson college boys Finnley Meekma, Jack Malcolm and Jimmy Wright have spent the last 3 months doing a school project making a Nelson surfing documentary,,, with interviews from old surfers to young this is one not to be missed and we may even have a premiere night and boardriders gig on the big screen,,, stay tuned,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Miss Something These School Holidays?

(above): Absolutely Picture Perfect    -photo-Mike Baker

The above title may infact be a lie with a groundswell that started last Tuesday, gradually building throughout the week and culminating Thursday afternoon till Saturday morning in the solid 5ft range and slowly dissipating over the weekend. Great waves were had at Snappers all week with it really turning up the heat on the Thursday and then Friday saw some all-time Cable Bay and likewise Saturday morning with a couple of out-of towners showing up including current South Island champion Levi O'connor from Kaikoura who lit up the inside section at Cable Bay leaving a lot of folk with there jaws dropped.
(above): Backdoor Slingshot, -photo- Glen Aspin
There is a heap more photos posted to the photos page so check...... it......... out.........!!!!

Looking forwards into the crystal ball and it looks like Huey is gonna make us pay for our week of spoils so do your part and put that nose to the grindstone as we summon another swell into Nelson surf city, the working mans surf town..... but if the surfs on,,,,, you dont wanna be working !!!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Photo of the Week

(above): Marty Clark flying solo at the Cut last saturday morning - Photo: Bill Evans

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Forgotten Break

Generally out of laziness, this place doesnt get surfed that often and your timing has to be absolutely spot-on... otherwise you miss the boat, literally!! Yet with a little forward planning it is still possible to step out from the square and go get some empty waves with just a couple of mates....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

In the thick of it.

(above): Belgium import David Pon with some subtle heel-toe pressure. Photo Mat Goodman

Thats right fellow surflings! As we ripped through June it seems that our beloved "surf-city" is truly living up to its name and perhaps we do have a "swell season" after all. With the south pacific bordering on El-Nino we have seen a steady northwest front/southwest high transition over the last few weeks and this seems set to continue for at least the next couple of weeks. This is great news for us as it virtually means 2 to 3 days of swell , on a weekly basis. Water temps are slowly falling but so far we are gradually starting feel a bit of a sting on the hands upon entry.
(above):  Great Photography / Strange Manouvere - Marco Edwards getting cheeky . Photo: Mat Goodman
Looking forward into the future and it seems another Northwest blast is sneaking up on us so make the most of the dry weather and free up some glide time and what better way to wind up everyone on a sunday with some good old fashioned rumour mill....

Rumour Mill:     ...which local surf-ski fitness freak was out catching 6ft waves in the dark, 7:00am on thursday morning with his mate off the back-bar... both on surf-ski's ( what the ), apparently they dont like turning very much!!  ................. Who won the 60cm pro last saturday?..... Who called Snappers thursday morning 6ft meaning the guy who surfed the glen by himself  the night before at 10-12ft?....more strange the local musician surfer that called snaps 2ft that same morning and the night before 4ft .. remember its not the size of the wand but the magic within .and last but not least.... after claiming their keen-ness the day before, who were the group of grommets absolutely nowhere to be seen wednesday evening when the swell got "real"....

Peace Frothers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Photo Of the Week !

After not surfing in 8 months I was nearly crying with joy as we witnessed Aaron "noddy" Lyttle hit the water for the longboard section of our club get together only to start destroying the lefts laying rails like Al Pacino in Scarface it was truly a goosebump moment.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Schnaps Class of 14

Organising a surf club contest is relatively hard work, but then try organising it in a town with no surf!!
Well, with the help of some dedicated folk we somehow pulled a rabbit out of a hat... then a carrot and then a Watership Down "Bright Eyes" single cassette.
Analogies aside, Friday night the paranoia set in as the forecasted slight swell seemed almost wishful thinking and by daybreak Saturday morning there was still an element of doubt as the sea remained "slight".
After reviewing weather maps and imagining surf forecasting before "swellmap" and "buoyweather" and going back to some old man of the sea coastal forecasts of 25 plus knot winds out to sea I took a giant gamble and called our Snappers Classic 2014 club competition ON !! with a midday start.

Marco Edwards took out 1st place with some slick slicing and dicing.
At 10am the decision to run still seemed a little optimistic but then as if it had been scripted, by half ten, the swell had kicked to a reasonable 2ft and a couple of the event "roadies" got out there with the free surf session an hour prior to kick off actually yielding some great waves with everyone keen to "Strut their stuff".
(above): Ben Winmill performs "La-Cockarocha" during the longboard final
The juniors kicked off the event followed by the opens and then the longboards and then the 3 finals of all divisions..  Some drama in the longboard semi final with Jackson Gregory scoring a perfect 10point ride and another high 8point ride only to get an interference call in the dying minutes with a drop in on Ben Winmill handing Ben and Geoff Noble a ride through to the final and Jackson knocking himself out wondering how it could have happened!! A special note to this longboard division... this was high standard longboarding even at a South Island National level and I know because ive seen it,,,, top effort boys!!
(above): Geoff Noble on his way to back to back longboard titles.
The contest was hotly contested in both Juniors and Open but the real winner at the end of the day was Nelson Boardriders surf club. After laying dormant for nearly 2 years the participation in the event was astonishing and with a large turnout and a somewhat "official" prizegiving at Geoff Noble's Tahuna Studio later that evening everyone left the evening with a smile.
This was no ego-tistical alpha chest pumping surf measuring tape type thing but  merely a surf club crew getting together being surfers and using any excuse possible to spend the day at the beach.
Special thanks to Mat Goodman for photography and Pat Griffin alongside Scott Edwards, Ian Richardson and Jason trotter for guest judging and all the crew that turned out and "kept the faith".
Thanks to the Sponsors - Tahuna Bar and Tavern. - Hogeys Surf - McCashin's Brewery - R and R sport,
Nelson Packaging  and Pit Stop.

Full Results:   Open - 1st Marco Edwards
                                2nd Rachel Clark
                                3rd Mark Nichols
                                4th Dave Pon

                  Junior-  1st Jimmy Wright
                               2nd Jack Malcolm
                               3rd Finnley Meekma
                               4th Jesse Forsyth

              Longboard -   1st Geoff Noble
                                    2nd Ben Winmill
                                    3rd  Graham Clark
                                    4th  Aaron Lyttle

*Of course none of these results actually mean anything apart from the fact that we all pretended to be pro surfers for the day and all had a freaking excellent time doing it!!!

See you late spring for the Rabbit Island Pro  ( wink wink )