Friday, August 4, 2017

If there was a problem Yo' ill solve it.

Check out my hook whilst the Dj Revolves....... Ahem*

A bit of spite going down in one of our carparks last swell I hear. All in regard to catching waves.
Its all a bit silly if you step away and look at it from the outside but if youre right in the mix of it then yes of course it can be pretty annoying if someone repeatedly catches the best wave in every set..every time....

What can be done about it?... Well you could just drop in but then you become just as bad as the person hogging all the waves or do you?...also this can be dangerous especially if theyre riding rather large equipment be it a mini-mal, sup, or mal. You could just surf somewhere else?.... but you shouldnt have to

A little bit of communication can go a long way, and from my own point of you its like this.
It is not a lunchline, If you want the best wave in every set you have to be right up there as the start of that line where the wave first breaks. You cant sit on the shoulder and complain you arent getting any waves cos thats like standing on the sidelines at a rugby game complaing you didnt get a try.
As they do in Indonesia,, emply the take turns method.
If old mate hasnt had a wave for a while then encourage him onto one.

Sharing is caring people. If you want waves to yourself then dont surf the most crowded break in town. Its that easy.

Have a great week in the water.

*note: this is all my opinion only (below): Float the Boater
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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Town that Keeps you Guessing.

So a rather large weather system and associated swell on the way into Surf City over the next couple of days folks and the best part of it is none of us really know exactly where its going to be good because that is the beauty of surfing in Nelson... and surfing in general.
 No one really knows until the new day dawns.  "Super-succeptable" to tides, and with "micro-climatic" wind changes, you never know whats around the corner, and when that window of oppurtunity is about to open so you have to be absolutely on the ball.
 When its time for the ball to drop..... you better be quick to catch.

Latest forecast: Big and Onshore, All weekend.

Have a goodie.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kaikoura Coldwater Classic Wrap-Up

( still awaiting story and photos).....

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Queens Bidet'

(above): James Laird. Evo-Lution
Whats Happening this Long Weekend??
Lots infact...... Heeeeeaps!!
First up is the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic starting Friday and Finishing Sunday.
The Nelson team heading down consisting of Raul Ventura, Josh Sheridan, David Pons, Emma Pegg , Sam Dillon and Rachel Clark and Leen Von Edenburgh,
I personally wish this lot the best time as unfortunately I wont be joining them this year,

Secondly, Nelsonboardriders T's and Hoodies look amazing, thanks heaps to Trudie Pegg for organizing everything and after dealing with the club stuff on my own for the last decade or so its great for someone else to come along and realise just how unorganized us surfers are like ,,,,
How many times do you actually have to ask what is the club account number???.....

Last but not least I will hopefully pick up a disc from Bill Evans today which contains images from a super session that went down at Snappers a couple weeks back now at the same time the below goPro footage was caught.
Copies of this disc will be available for 5 bux a piece with money going back into club account which you all know the number of by now!!!

The weekend forecast looks amazing weather wise so get out and enjoy it!

Peace Haoles.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cold Chocolate

From The Gloomy Mud Flats of Paremata.