Friday, June 17, 2016

Froth-Dogs Predictions

Froth-Dogs Predictions: "just when you thought it couldnt get any better,,,,,, it gets better!!............. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

About Time.

We have had a lot of surf lately in "Surf-City". Infact, we could almost have the luxury of saying we have had too much. If we were talking about rain and not surf then we have definately had too much but lucky for the farmers and in an inadvertant way... lucky for us surfers we have a slight reprieve for the next week its time to "dry out" and get stuff done around the place.

In the latest buzz from around the grounds it sounds as though some mint days were had at Snappers last week as always being the "place to be" Mike Baker snapped up some great shots which he has shared via the NelsonBoardriders Fb Page,

Moral of this update. Use the rest of this week and weekend to get stuff done cos this flat spell aint gonna last for long........ yeeeeewww.

See you out there,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kaikoura Returned

Just a quick wrap from the long weekend in Kaikoura where our crew of 5 competitors represented Nelson well. The waves were pumping all weekend with the event site situated at Meatworks but this meant when not competing we could duck off to both Mangamanu or Kahutara and get some waves away from the competition mayhem, 

Zac Dillon making the Quarter Finals of the Cadets finish equal 9th and Equal 17th in Juniors  , Emma Pegg Equal 9th in Open Girls , David Pons Equal 33rd in Opens and Jackson Gregory Equal 33rd in Opens and Equal 9th in Longboard, Mark Nichols Equal 17th in Opens Equal 9th in Masters and Equal 17th in Seniors,
To put these numbers into perspective there were 105 competitors in the Open Division alone and 190 Competitors overall so we didnt do too shabby at all !! Especially considering there were about a dozen high profile surfers down from the North Island also!!

A massive thanks to Toby at Moana and John from Hogeys for helping us get there and a GIANT thanks to Trudie Pegg for being surf mum to us all!! 
(above): Zac Dillon mincing a meatie right during his quarter final.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Rapid Fire Update

Ok people lets go..... So we had a mediocre swell last week but in saying that it was a semi game changer with the super low passing south of Australia we now look set to embrace some good old fashioned westerly systems which are  almost a forgotten thought after our ridiculous run of warm weather since last October.... What does this mean for us here in Surf City...?  It means more frequent swells but it also means more ugly winds so the punter has to think a bit more about life rather than just going to Schnappers....
Moving on .... Jimmy Jay Wright is back in the hood after a few months living in Kaikoura staring at whales tails Jimmy is holding steady for a few weeks before joining Colomba Dubienic who was last seen sporting a sifty bro-mo somewhere in Bali.
Missing in action man Gary Miller is back from injury laying down some solid hacks at Snaps last week showing that sometimes a few weeks out of the water is actually good for your surfing and aside from dead bodys in the Snappers carparks and Boats running aground on the Boulders that pretty much sums up life in Surf City at the moment, A quick reminder for those keen to join the club for the Kaikoura Coldwater Classic June 3 til 6th please express your interest now rather than later so we can organize travel and accommadation. Cheers Big Ears.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Grommet Surf Camp

On Anzac Day a couple of carloads of young Nelson surfers took off on an overnight trip to Kaikoura as part of an experiment/pilot trip to see the ins and outs of running a holiday surf camp programme in the near future, The waves were touch and go but we managed to surf Mangamanu/kahutara/Iron Gate, Sandy Bay all within the 36 hours we had on hand so we got a good variety of waves.
Big thanks to Trudie and Linda for providing the engine room for the trip and also a shout out to Vanessa Anderson for loaning us her big boss Kia wagon for the trip and also to Marcus and Lucy Langman for providing us the literal 5 star accommadation.
Anybody interested in helping out for the next trip get in contact cos we defiantely learned from our mistakes. We need a mini van we need more than overnighter, we need more adults/parents in the water and most of all we need your involvement!!

(above): Most enthusiastic grommet of the trip!! - Josh Sheridan - Kahutara... Photo:Trudie Pegg

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Where Now?

So what does happen next after Nelson Boardriders pull off an epic club day competition in amazing waves? I think It might be a great start to think about the reasons why it all went down so smoothly and to once again embrace the place we live in affectionately known as "Surf City"..

As I type this we are going through what I like to call the wind-up stage where flat seas are upon us for at least another week so we are staring down the barrel of a near 20 day flat-spell. What this does to us as surfers?... it makes us crave waves... So naturally when those waves do arrive, everybody is buzzing. Its pretty hard to be agro in the surf when you're generally just happy to be getting wet.
During the flat spells its a great time to knuckle down and get some work done and one of my all time favourite quotes which was used in a Smorgasboarder Magazine a couple of years back.
"Nelson is the working mans Surf Town, but when the waves are On..... dont be caught working"

Anyway moving on..... the water temperature is about to fall rapidly with chilly mornings this last week but there is something to embrace in that chilly air whereby winds tend to stay calm and sea breezes become a past life kiteboarders fantasy. The crowds thin out as the grommets cant afford good wetsuits and people start thinking about other boarding careers up in the snowy white tops.

So, look forward to some waves not this weekend but next and maybe get away to the east and west before the temperatures there become, Unreasonable.

Winter....... Come at me.