Saturday, September 29, 2018

Well its been a long time now its time to get your bubble burst.

Well now wait a minute..... What the hell does that title even mean??
What now?, let me tell you what now.
It all begins with complacency.
(above): Graham Clark during the session known as Nicaragua 
Getting lazy in surf city can mean missed oppurtunity and your surfing 'career' can fly right by without you even noticing then next minute you're riding a mountbike or a SUP claiming a higher special relationship with nature. That my friends is the easy way out .
You want to be a surfer in Nelson you have to keep that froth going day in, day out.
Stare at the forecast charts 7 - 10 - 15 days out even, and never ever lose sight of the next approaching swell, ignore surf forecasting sites with convenient bar graphs and worm and use old man of the sea weather map nouse and coincide with coastal marine weather forecasts.
" I dont have a surfing career" I hear you say... ok then Donavan Frankenreiter perhaps 'career' was a poor choice of word but the point is the same.
It is Nelson we live in, dont take your finger off the trigger cos that target in sight may be gone the next time you look.

The water is warming up. What is your excuse..... see you out there.

:note- this article is written for tounge in cheek purpose and by no means should you forfeit any activity you enjoy the same as you enjoy surfing.

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