Monday, August 29, 2011

There is No Surf in Nelson.

The truth is finally out. After convincing ourselves over the past decade that there was actually rideable waves in Nelson the delusion has worn off. There actually isnt any surf in Nelson and this whole Nelson Boardriders Club and website has all been a hoax which began on an April Fools Day about 6 years ago. Many thanks must go to the photographers or "photo-shoppers" as we should more correctly name them for helping us create this false surfing community. A special thanks would go to Hogey at Hogey's surf for showing us that you really do not need to go surfing to maintain that wholesome healthy Surf Image. It truly is a great feeling parading around with boards on your roof knowing that you dont actully have to dip your toes in that oh so icy cold water.Anyhow it has been an amazing enjoyment running the dream of a utopian surf city and from now on its all paddlestick boards and kite-thingy's.
Dont say you werent warned......

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blenheim Boardriders Club Comp Invite.

Thats right, the Blenheim Boardriders Club have organized to hold a club comp on September 10th OR 11th (sat/sun)in Blenheim, location depending but it will be in the Blenheim area and all Nelson Boardriders Club Members are invited to compete.Mike "Ratty" lindstrom is just doing the finishing touches on entry forms and they will be made available shortly. This will be a classic inter-club comp with no multi million dollar cash prizes or anything but more a chance for our two clubs to mingle and we hope to return the favour here in Nelson late September/early October with another Nelson Club Comp.
Stay tuned and many thanks to the Blenheim crew for the invite.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

WARNING: Longest Nelson Flat Spell Imminent.

If memory serves me correct we are on the verge of the longest run of flat days in this so called surf city in the past decade. Sure there may have been a half a foot groundy but Ive seen half foot groundys at Lake Rotoiti.
The west coast looks amazing this weekend and some left0vers out east but...oh so cold!! Either way, get outta' town cause they're aint jack happening here!!!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hogeys New Store opens this weekend. with a sneak preview friday evening and all Nelson Boardrider members are invited to join in the fun with $1000's of bucks worth of spot prizes free drinks and the like!! See you there!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All is Calm.

In Nelson that is...... a painfully drawn out flat spell has once again left everyone wondering if the last 3 months were just a dream and infact Nelson really is a terrible place for a surfer to live. "Theres no surf in Nelson". The phrase thats like a cheese grater to the eardrum. We all know it, sometimes we disclaim it yet quite often it is true.
I have thought of a way to get through this flatness though and that is to write a list of why its good that there hasnt been any surf lately....

1: It gives us time to appreciate when we do have waves.

2: It gives us time to actually do some work so we can afford petrol,surfboards
and wetsuits to actually go surfing.

3: It brings peace in our relationships at home.

4: The water is probably below 10deg now so who wants to go in the water anyway..

5: Having been so long in between waves we can all appreciate the thrill of
learning to surf all over again.........ahem.

Im sure that the above list has most likely failed to lift your miserable surf starved spirits but as we all know in Nelson, supreme surf city...
.......Its looking good later in the week !!!

Stick it out,

Swell Season On !!!

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