Friday, May 30, 2014

Lazy Updates, Massive Grommet Influxes and Photos? Did you say... Photos?

Howdy all. Hope your easing into winter and not feeling the cold too much just yet whilst remembering it is only 3 weeks until the shortest day so hang tight. Little bits and pieces going on here and there in surf city of late with a couple of medio-core swells lapping our shores but nothing of real substance to get the tongues wagging. One would be true to concede it hasnt been a great start to our so called swell season but as we all know nothing is predictable in Nelson surfing.
Like the likelihood of 8 or more kids out surfing from Nelson college last thursday afternoon making a few older crew cringe but at the same time it was all harmless fun and great to see the next generation finding their feet in the wax and kina. A couple of missions going down left right and centre with Keni Duke , Olin Pilcher and a couple of others venturing east through the week and scoring some Kaikoura gold while others sitting tight and surfing in the comfort of their own neighbourhood.
(above): Mike Baker capturing some TuaraWhati Gold.
Water temperatures are on the fall with the latest deposit of snow blanketing the mountains over the last week and there is definately a tingle on the hands upon first entry into the water however now is the time to make the most of settled wind and lower crowd numbers............swell providing.
I now point you in the direction of the photos page as I go on an uploading rampage,,,,,,,,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Get Ready For Action !!

A hot and cold start to our "swell season" has had a lot of us a little bit uncomfortable about the coming months prospects but never fear help is on the way.
Starting mid week we see the first of a stack of north-westerly systems and although this first one is rather weak its just a little appetiser for whats around the corner over the coming couple of weeks.
So sit back and relax and enjoy these sunny still days because they wont be round for too much longer.
(above): Amazing iphone action from pro photographer Sven Martin

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Kaikoura Coldwater Classic

Looking for a bunch of frothers to head away at the end of May to compete in the Oneill Kaikoura Coldwater Classic. Interested punters get in touch as early organisation is key. A fresh approach with those interested in entering can get their entry fee PAID for as long as they help out with fundraising back into the club.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Club Committee Meet.

Club committee? what? Actually doing something with the Nelson Boardriders club?
Wanna be a part?  Text 02102472729 for further detail,,,   have a great weekend!!
(above): Photo- Mike Bakers hand-gun

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