Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 - Best Year Ever?

A very important next 10 days in the history of Surf-City as the next lot of forecast charts roll out we are set to find out if our miraculous year of surf is set to continue here in Nelson.
Sure I can hear the claims now from the older boys of back to back cyclone swells back in the day but If we really want to get critical about this we could claim every low pressure sytem is a cyclone right? For more accurate "data" i  cast my memory back nearly 4 years ago now to the birth of my boy Eli and how around mid 2012 we had 13 weeks in a row of back to back lows and swells.

We could cast a shout out to Kaikoura and Christchurch and ask how the last 3 months have been for them because generally If its pumping in Nelson aside from Taylors Mistake things are pretty average over "that side".

At the end of the day It is all trivial but If we get another couple of swells within the next month one would have to undoubtedly say this 2016 could well be.........."The Best Year Ever".

Friday, June 17, 2016

Froth-Dogs Predictions

Froth-Dogs Predictions: "just when you thought it couldnt get any better,,,,,, it gets better!!............. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

About Time.

We have had a lot of surf lately in "Surf-City". Infact, we could almost have the luxury of saying we have had too much. If we were talking about rain and not surf then we have definately had too much but lucky for the farmers and in an inadvertant way... lucky for us surfers we have a slight reprieve for the next week its time to "dry out" and get stuff done around the place.

In the latest buzz from around the grounds it sounds as though some mint days were had at Snappers last week as always being the "place to be" Mike Baker snapped up some great shots which he has shared via the NelsonBoardriders Fb Page,

Moral of this update. Use the rest of this week and weekend to get stuff done cos this flat spell aint gonna last for long........ yeeeeewww.

See you out there,

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Kaikoura Returned

Just a quick wrap from the long weekend in Kaikoura where our crew of 5 competitors represented Nelson well. The waves were pumping all weekend with the event site situated at Meatworks but this meant when not competing we could duck off to both Mangamanu or Kahutara and get some waves away from the competition mayhem, 

Zac Dillon making the Quarter Finals of the Cadets finish equal 9th and Equal 17th in Juniors  , Emma Pegg Equal 9th in Open Girls , David Pons Equal 33rd in Opens and Jackson Gregory Equal 33rd in Opens and Equal 9th in Longboard, Mark Nichols Equal 17th in Opens Equal 9th in Masters and Equal 17th in Seniors,
To put these numbers into perspective there were 105 competitors in the Open Division alone and 190 Competitors overall so we didnt do too shabby at all !! Especially considering there were about a dozen high profile surfers down from the North Island also!!

A massive thanks to Toby at Moana and John from Hogeys for helping us get there and a GIANT thanks to Trudie Pegg for being surf mum to us all!! 
(above): Zac Dillon mincing a meatie right during his quarter final.

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