Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to the new look site!!

Whilst not technically a site more a "blog" we figured it was time to move with the times as the former Dreamweaver 1998 software I was using was just not cutting the mustard.
First things first though I must send out an incredibly large thankyou to the man who made nelsonboardriders dot com possible and that is Mr Daryl Way. A webhost you can contact Darryl on
Darryl and I came up with the website idea nearly 5 years ago now and since then it has moved in leaps and bounds.
Basically it costs a fortune for new software and we figured that this blogspot type page-face would suit our purposes for the time being so please just bare with me for the next couple of months as I learn to drive this puppy!!!

Enjoy and thankyou....


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