Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to the new look site!!

Whilst not technically a site more a "blog" we figured it was time to move with the times as the former Dreamweaver 1998 software I was using was just not cutting the mustard.
First things first though I must send out an incredibly large thankyou to the man who made nelsonboardriders dot com possible and that is Mr Daryl Way. A webhost you can contact Darryl on
Darryl and I came up with the website idea nearly 5 years ago now and since then it has moved in leaps and bounds.
Basically it costs a fortune for new software and we figured that this blogspot type page-face would suit our purposes for the time being so please just bare with me for the next couple of months as I learn to drive this puppy!!!

Enjoy and thankyou....



  1. great to see you using blogger platform, you'll love it.
    Stoked to see Nelson Boardriders still going strong.
    I have put your site on my blog as a link

  2. Cheers for the heads up regarding the spam attack... I hate canned ham!!! I will link your blog up too but just laying down foundations at the moment..!!
    maybe see you guys at Greytown!!!>>>???

  3. Hiya Nelson,can i flick some footage and pics your way from your friendly neighbor south of the bigisland.Sick to see your commitment to the Lifestyle we all love.Mabe we could have an Clifton Underground V Nelson Board Riders caned ham comp?
    across the tasman Seabrook

  4. cheers seabazz!!!

    for sure brah.. flick em my way!!

    you know my email!!!

    I got north shore on dvd if you want it btw!!

    Plenty of Haole surfers but we blow them away huh brah!!

    regards and best wishes...


  5. and the wind droped in the arvo at snaps on saterday. fun waves for few hours till i got cold in boardies when the wind picked up again.
    laff got a few good ones and the otta man got a few not otto.


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