Wednesday, March 10, 2010


(above): A little bit of birdwatching...

With everyone starting to rave about how good the "Westside" has been of late it was only a matter of time before an el-nino spawned low reminant of a former cyclone began to spiral its way uncontrollably down the east coast and thats exactly what happend last weekend....

With the charts and swell maps forecasting a sudden rise in swell on sunday afternoon it was split minute decision that saw myself and Jase Hylkema bailing Nelson and hitting Blenheim, pulling into 4ft rebound slabs at North Rarangi late sunday afternoon.
Come monday morning time it was the seasoned veterans such as Graeme Bird,Bruce Wilson, Keni Duke, and Justin Fletcher hitting the semi secret breaks surrounding the Blenheim area with some good photo evidence to boot.

Further south rumour of Rob Holmes and Jeremy Pooley haunting Kaikoura with their trusty thrusters kept the lake locked boys back home in Nelson disgusted with themselves.

Basically, a really crappy start to the year for swell in Nelson. A below average year last year and looking forward over the next week or so there isnt even a glimmer of hope or maybe there is...... If that high can just slip onto the right side of that cyclone then.....possibly...maybe....

(for more "eastside" shots visit feature photo's above)

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