Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh my god Its raining!!

Well folks, not only has it begun raining from the sky this morning it seems as though our fortune may just be about to change as our third day of conceivable swell is upon us and it looks like we'll make 4 days in a row at this rate.
Time to turn that frown upside down!

After pining for a cyclonic groundswell over the weekend it was "all frothers go" come monday morning with an earlier than predicted swell arriving in the bay during the morning. Jim Tyson and a couple of other keen crew got straight to it scratching all over some rather windy looking Snappers. By 1pm it was 4-6ft on the open Boulder Bank whilst still really fluey myself, Andrew "Skip" Ridderhoff and Jason Hylkema chased down some Inside Cut managing to uncover a few gems.

Later as the tide dropped it was all hands on deck as the wind dropped and every surf starved Nelson wave warrior headed out to chunky 4ft Snappers. Conal and Pete, Fitzy, Gary, Rich Barry, you name it, they were there, with the highlight of the evening being a close tie between Chopper throwing a Boulder on to his surfboard after a frustrating surf and Keni's carpark au'Natural intimidation tactics.

Tuesday morning the leftovers were all gobbled up by Geoff Noble , Rich barry, Skip, Rachel and a couple of other wave starved fiends. Rumour of an epic Malibu session going down nearby have not been verified.

Anyway, the crystal ball is on fire and lets hope this change in situation is gonna stay.
See you out there!

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