Friday, April 30, 2010

Carpark nearly resurfaced!!

Whilst not technically resurfaced just yet the gravel has been laid in the Snappers carpark and Hope Sealing Contractors will roll it on monday. Thanks to those who turned up to help even though it wasnt really needed as the Burgess and Crowley truck driver 'Lyall' had obviously done this kind of thing before .....

Two inches deep from the pond side of the carpark up to 6 inches deep on the boulder bank side hopefully this will hold up for a good 6 months although no guarantees on clean mud free-feet just yet!!

Jimmy Neutron wins photo Comp!

Local skater grommet Jimmy Wright has won Aprils photo comp with this artistic shot below.

Well done Jimmy and remember all you have to do to be in the running to win a free t-shirt is send in a photo!!! (read photo comp page for more datails)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nothing but a 'plane' old surf trip. - Full Story...

Just following up on a previous story I have the pleasure to send you the link
to Scott Rewi's version of events as documented in this most excellent surf/travel story.
Check it out -

Best Snappers Photo Ever??

This photo above was sent to me for the photo competition by Sam Baker formerly of Richmond now living in Auckland. Unfortunately for Sam this photo did not meet the criteria for the competition whereby all photos have to be recent taken from the start of 2010 onwards.
An amazing photo all the same of low tide Snappers with a wisp of east in the wind.

Remember, this months photo comp is coming to an end so be quick to get your shots in for your chance to win a free t-shirt! (see "comps" page for more details).

I actually had to question the legitimacy of this photo seeing as there were no surfers in the photo but Sammy has come thru with the back up evidence so check 'photos' for some more classic shots and ask yourself the same thing Ive been asking myself
..."WTF was I !"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekly Re-Cap

So a couple days of swell this week with the wednesday being the pick of it. Wednesday morning saw everyone on a wild goose chase with surfers ending up at all kinds of different breaks. Scotty, Pooley, Olin, Fitzy, Keni and Russ all scoring Cable Bay after a mid-morning glass-off whilst Chris Saunders, Frosty , Rach Hills, Hulk and myself revelled in 3ft Rabbit Island. Snappers was surfed through the high tide supposedly with a super glass off session round midday rumoured to be "pumping".
Then, just when you thought It was safe to go back to work, it turns out Delaware even threw together a few lines later in the arvo with Keni and Dunedin ROb some of the luckies amongst it.

Finally a condolence to all of you who were stuck at work missing out on wednesday, if you hear that it wasnt that great, then best you just believe that ok!!


Photo Comp

Just a reminder that we are halfway through the month and with yesterday's swell surely there must be some happy snaps out there?? A free t-shirt is up for grabs for best Skate/Snow/Skate photo...Id personally hate to see it go to a stinky skater!!!
A handful of entries so far and these will all be published at the end of the month.
So, see "comps" page for more details and is good.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why drive when you can Fly !!

A couple of months back local pilot Rich "Thommo" Thompson and Scott Rewi decided they'd had enough of roadies and decided it was time for an "airie"!!
They flew down to Karamea one morning for a surf session and flew back in the arvo.
Not to be out done and after hearing of this another local surfer/pilot Andy Harrington grabbed his nearest mate and flew down there the next day!!

Lucky bugger Thommo is now working and residng in Sumatra after scoring a job over there with "Dodge-E-Airlines""

This is Rewi's video account of the departure and Ive gotta say Thommo, the way you used that whole runway doesnt get me that excited about jumping in with you anytime soon!!!

Good stuff!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farewell Summer

With rapidly declining overnight temperatures coinciding with shortening of daylight hours it wont be long my friends until we are all rubbered up in our trusty winter suits and booties.
Hopefully things are looking on the up as stated in the previous post. This coming week looks like a good solid swell coming our way and I cant wait to see some local action thats for sure as the long drives to either coast are starting to lose their appeal.

Speaking of such missions there are some great photos coming my way from local guys getting out west so check out the "Photos" page for these shots and dont forget the monthly photo comp which in now running also found in the page links.

Hogey has some great winter gear coming in so might be time to stock up for the colder months.
FCS are now making 5 and 7mm booties and according to all reviews they are dreamlike.

On a last note some "actual progress" is underway regarding the re-surfacing of Schnappers carpark with a quote of 40 cubic metres of ap40 gravel being finalised with Hope Sealing Contractors offering to grade and roll the stuff for free!!!
What bloody legends!!

Looks like we may be a little short in the funds department so anyone who has been thinking of joining Nelson Boardriders Surf Club for an annual fee of $25.00 or you would like to make a donation to the cause please locate details through the ""Contact/Club" page as its all about doing good stuff to benefit and enhance our enjoyment of Surfing in the sleeping giant we call Nelson - Surf City!
With that I leave you with a quote from Surf Forecast Dot Com's Nelson reviewer Rob Davies

-I've got a lot of respect for the whole Nelson area. It's totally off the map for most surfers but when it is working (NW swell needed) the surf is classy.
Twice in 2009 I set off on big trips out of the Nelson area to surf Kaikoura one trip and Gissie and East Cape on the other.
4 weeks on the road in total, and inevitably some great waves, but both times I had better waves in the Nelson area. Go figure

Peace Out -

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A change in weather?

Courtesy of

Latest weather maps show a low forming in the Tasman Sea bringing a front across Auckland and Northland in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
While rain may not be as widespread as many would want isolated regions may see some solid rainfall totals from late Monday through until early Wednesday.

The low is unlikely to be very deep but head weather analyst Philip Duncan says it is appears to be marking a significant change in New Zealand's current weather patterns.
"This low on its own is unlikely to end the drought however it is looking likely that it is the beginning of a new weather pattern over New Zealand that should see more low pressure systems forming in the Tasman Sea".
Mr Duncan says highs look likely to weaken allowing more rain bands to spread across the country - particularly an increased chance of rain spreading north to dry regions.
"This is first real change we've seen in the north's weather patterns for months".

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