Sunday, April 4, 2010

A change in weather?

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Latest weather maps show a low forming in the Tasman Sea bringing a front across Auckland and Northland in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
While rain may not be as widespread as many would want isolated regions may see some solid rainfall totals from late Monday through until early Wednesday.

The low is unlikely to be very deep but head weather analyst Philip Duncan says it is appears to be marking a significant change in New Zealand's current weather patterns.
"This low on its own is unlikely to end the drought however it is looking likely that it is the beginning of a new weather pattern over New Zealand that should see more low pressure systems forming in the Tasman Sea".
Mr Duncan says highs look likely to weaken allowing more rain bands to spread across the country - particularly an increased chance of rain spreading north to dry regions.
"This is first real change we've seen in the north's weather patterns for months".

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