Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter!

Good morning all you Nelson wave warriors and hoping you all have made some plans to score some waves this Easter weekend.

Always a great time to get one last binge of surf before the colder water temperatures start to creep into play. So, whats on the cards for waves we ask?. Its a bit of a mixed bag this weekend with the east coast looking good early on but then the west coast looking good later on!! Of course if you are a die-hard Nelson lover like myself, then you are absolutely sure we are gonna get waves in Nelson on monday or tuesday!!

It was great to see some more swell last wednesday with some small leftovers thursday.
Barry Fitzgerald is now a "true believer" whilst Russ Bruce is left to ponder "what if?"....TWICE!
Julian Clark and Rachel Hills surfed empty Rabbit Island at a chunky 3ft on wednesday evening whilst Keni, Fitzy and a couple of others snuck around to Cable Bay to herd goats.

With Easter , brings school holidays, so beware the returning scarfies and dont give em'an inch!

Happy and Safe travels!!!

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  1. Just thought I'd wander over for a geezer, love the new look site :)
    Hope you and Linda have a great Easter with plenty of choc!


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