Monday, May 24, 2010

Feelings of Self-worth and pats on my back.

I was told the other day from someone that the above title of this post is the reason why I dedicate my time to this website/blog.
I scoffed it off at the time but then it sent me into a brief moment of self reflection upon in which I asked myself the question..." Is this why I do - do this thing? ".

Surfing in general is very self-absorbent and I guess in someways by running this blog I do get some kind of return and notoriety from it but at the same time I get a general feeling of happiness when I see and or hear of other people getting stoked from it.
I enjoy writing stories fact and or fictional and I love roasting people thats for sure!

When I lived back in Australia , Boardriders Clubs were a great way of bringing people together and having a good time. As far as this blog/website advertising surfing in Nelson and adding to over-crowding I dont really buy into that either as I have footage of Snappers and Rabbit Island 7 years ago with 30+ people out..... I think cell phones and Internet surf forecasting sites have a far more devastating effect on "over populating" the surf and this is totally evident on the days when they get it wrong and you get to share the lineup with only a lucky few...

I guess in summary what Im trying to say is ..... everyones entitled to their own opinion but Id sure as hell rather share the surf with 30 people I know and share a laugh... than 30 strangers with poor surf etiquette.

I roll around naked in the new gravel in Snappers Carpark every night.........

Catch Ya's

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