Monday, May 17, 2010

Money Back and Night Surfing at The Glen??

Hello again people!! - Some early week boredom and net surfing has led me to a couple of ideas regarding surfing in Nelson. First of all though I am happy to announce that Nelson City Council has re-embursed our Boardriders club for the carpark job at Snappers thus making it "free". Not only does this leave us with money in the kitty it also gives us the ability to throw some more gravel at it when need be. After the phenomenal amount or rain received over the weekend it is great to see the carpark holding up and the pre-made rutts actually had a channeling effect with the water running off to the north end of the carpark..
The decision was made not to grade and roll through fear of thinning and creating a skid pan for boy-racers. Its a little bit lumpy I agree but at least you dont have to stand in shit mud anymore!

So a while ago at one of our first meetings an idea was thrown around that could actually come to fruition the way the club numbers are growing and this idea is .......NIGHT SURFING!!!!
Think of how many times we miss out on waves in Nelson because the stupid sun goes down or hasn't come up yet!! The idea over a year ago was to get some powerful floodlights to light up the ideal location being The Glen.......

Anyway, Im just planting the seed but I am absolutely sure its a possibility and below is a clip of night surfing at Brighton in Christchurch last weekend...
Feedback most welcome !! (double click clip to open in full window)

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