Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quotes of the week:

Some funny ones coming through the grapevine this week so I thought Id
let you guys in on a few...

: "My missus is on the corner too, she just doesnt know it yet" - Anonymous Kayak Guide

: :What? ..havin a movie night at city church?? what is this... Nelson Lord Riders??""- Karne Harmon

: Hey when I was coming in from snaps last night it was totally dark – and there was some freak rolling about in the gravel in the carpark, totally in the nude, still at least he didn’t have any mud in his crack.- Anonymous voyeur

: "Has anyone got the time?" - Cindy Mose...... reply "If you've got the place!" - anonymous

1 comment:

  1. Not Lord riders but" Riders of the Storm" ha ha very good, had fun today with everyone especially catching up with Cindy


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