Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surf Etiquette School

This spill below was sent to me by a local surfer who is just one of many guys getting a little bit disturbed buy the lack of respect going on in the water out at Snappers.
I thought rather than name him I would just share his letter and thoughts and by keeping him anonymous keeping everyone on their toes at the same time!!
(above) Marco Edwards and Jim Tyson in Kaikoura

"We gotta enforce some etiquette in the surf, especially at snappers as it's getting more popular and often there's 30 or more surfers in the water there. The rules of surfing have been around for ages, but there's also etiquette in the surf, which is sometimes missing out there, so here's what I reckon. "

Rights and Etiquette.
1. The surfer inside gets the wave, but this is where etiquette comes in. If he has just paddled out, then the guy thats been waiting should get it, unless the guy paddling out paddles far enough away so that its considered he's not snaking the guy thats been waiting - i.e he's going for the left-handers instead. Even though there's no measuring tape for that distance, you know if your doing it - so don't be a prick. If both guys start paddling for it, the etiquette rules apply, so don't be surprised if you get dropped in on.

2. No blocking. If a surfer is paddling for a wave, the guy inside who is directly in his line should not paddle for the same wave and try and 'block' him out. This is otherwise know as snaking, even if he 'thinks' the guy paddling for it is not going to make it.

3. If a surfer is riding a wave and another is inside the zone and paddling out, sometimes you know if you are potentially in line for a collision. PADDLE INSIDE AND TAKE ONE ON THE HEAD. ALSO MAKE IT OBVIOUS YOU ARE PADDLING INSIDE FOR HIM / HER so they can see you doing it and can continue on their line. Don't try and get around before he gets to you - you won't make it and can potentially make them lose momentum to make a section.

4. For those who prefer to stay and catch waves inside thats fine, as long as you recognise where you are in relation to those waiting out the back for the set waves, so be prepared to move out of the way in time so that it provides a clearway for those guys. It sux when you catch one out the back then lose momentum because you have to straight line it in order to avoid some bastard on the inside thats right on your line. In hawaii you'll just get run over.

5. Unless its clear that someone is not going to make either the drop, or make a section, do not drop in. Sometimes its hard to know, but if in doubt, don't do it. Especially when the guy is clearly already surfing the wave.

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable and you can't do much about that, but If you want to go out and not listen to this advice and are seen to be consistently breaking any of the general rules of etiquette, don't be surprised if you get a punch in the face.
Cheers.from an anonymous but definately someone you dont wanna mess with surfer.....

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