Monday, August 30, 2010

More days, More waves...

Kia Ora and welcome to Spring 2010!! - It seems our wishes were granted around May this year as a consistent swells and above average air and water temperatures have left us thinking that this winter is right up there with 2008 and even rivalling the "back in the day" era where rumours were that the surf was super consistent all the time......"man""!!
Since early May the longest we have been without at least a 2ft swell is 15 days and seeing as that 15 days fell smack bang amongst some really cold weather it was not like we wanted to go surfing anyway now was it!! So now as the temperatures begin to rise both in and out of the water lets hope our good luck continues! (above): over-rated wave...

Rumour Mill: Olin Pilcher and Rob Holmes both have welcomed newborns into their families and somehow still managed to slide a few waves in and many congratulations to them both>> Neil Tyson 'tip-toes' out of house for the earlies making sure not to wake grommet son Jim, nice work Neil!!>>Take Maeda ( snow patrol bus) wears a 3/2 throughout winter, now thats hardcore!! >> Russ bruce blows fins out doing bottom turns >> Distraught surfer crucifies surfboard but now doesnt have a surfboard to ride>> The ever elusive Rich Barry has been seen tearing waves to shreds on all sorts of equipment>>Pregnant surf chick has a heaving chunder in the Snappers lineup>>various people spend 2-400 bucks on season passes to Rainbow only to go up for one day >> Scott Rewi has returned from Indo but is now to scared to enter the icy realm of New Zealand waters,,,and last but not least No PADDLEBOARDER FOR 75 DAYS!! Hoorayy!!!

(above): Scott Rewi slipping into Indo''s version of Snappers!!

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