Monday, September 20, 2010

Around the Grounds.

(above) Blenheimer shralper Mike "Ratty" Lindstrom's tail-drop floater.... apologies to Mike and Jacko!!
-A busy few days of action as a giant carousel of a weather system has been blasting our shores with icy cold west southwest conditions. A huge westeryl swell in the 7 to 8 metre range with enough legs to wrap into Tasman Bay as kept our surfing desires fullfilled and good to see everyone surfing a variety of locales spreading the numbers thin.
(above): Scotty Edwards and Brandon Kingi exchanging blows.

Friday saw a building onshore swell which seemed to "unbuild" itself in the afternoon with the size dropping out along with the wind but Saturday the huge west swell flooded in along with the lowest snow dump of the year. Brave souls ventured into the water at Snappers including a rejuvinated Jacko Gregory, Keni Duke and a plethora of Nelson College Groms.
Nearby some clean offshores were in enjoyed by Jamie "mini" Sumner, Brandon Kingi and Spud Brown. (above) Solo Tanifa Sand Surfing.

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