Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crazy Times.

-hi Everyone and first and foremostly a big shout out to everyone in Christchurch this week. Complete madness following the massive quake on Saturday morning with more and more aftershocks still rattling everyone. Well known surfing families the Joyce's and Mc Neill''s both completely losing their houses in the Kaipoi district and our thoughts are with everyone affected at this time. (above): Ashleigh Trainor and Tali vidal, Tandom Surfing!

Surf News:
-On the surf front we are still bathing in this glorious La-Nina weather body and the frequency of swells is almost unrivelled as it has barely been flat for 4 days over the last 3 months.
Keni Duke has arrived back from the Nth Island after a 3 week holiday and also bringing home with him a fresh new quiver of boards. Ben Robertson has also returned back from Wellington commenting on how much he enjoyed watching the swell forecast for Nelson over the last 3 months whilst he was stuck in Wellywood...NOT!
Basically there has been so much surf going on I dont even know where to begin nor itemise individual surfs but I guess a couple of surfs out at The Cut definately worth a mention, some good days at the local Snap-Attack and The Glen has been a haven for grommets of late.
Buoy-Bank at the western-end of Tahuna has seen an invasion of learners which is awesome to see them utilising such a great beginners wave. Everyone has been getting their share and nw as the water warms up its damn near a Surfers Paradise!!

(above) Tali Vidal scratching over a chunky Snappers Peak

Rumour Mill:
>>>>>>Who is the local grommet, that no matter how good the surf is, still manages to sleep through his alarm every time??>>Who are the Nelson College Girls who put the boys to shame tackling 8-19ft Wharareki??>> Which god fearing local church pastor just leaves his board at The Glen on the grass then drives away hoping to return to find a new one in the morning??>>>>WHo can actually afford a 4500 dollar wooden malibu??>>>> Which Blenheim surfer keeps pushing for a Blenheim Vs Nelson surfing contest despite only having 4 Blenheim surfers to Nelsons 50..!!?? and last but not least......Which local maori surfer is ripping up his floorboards to make a hungi??? The truth is out there... (above): Nelson Girls College showing the Boys College how its done!!

(above): From now on we leave eachothers cars alone huh boys?

Thanks Again.

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