Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Re-Hash!

So, whats been going on in Surf City this week I hear you ask??.. well, once again more waves for a start with a nice 4ft groundswell pulsing in overnight Saturday and all through Sunday with glassy conditions all morning making it confusing as to where to go!
Just about everywhere was pumping with Rory Dubz scoring Cable Bay all morning to himself as if he had found himself in some kind of surf utopia!!! A few crew scoring some average Delaware but Snappers once again reigning supreme with some solid 4foot plus sets rolling through with standouts being Neil Tyson and the dual wave riding of Scott Rewi and Bruce Wilson.
The Nelson girls College crew dominated Tahuna as Julian Clark and Rachel Hills dominated Rabbit Island.
(above) Rory laying a Cable...
Poor old Jackson gregory had to sit this oine out as he has sprained his ankle badly whilst you guessed it....skateboarding!! Only a matter of time boys!!
A few crew also tackled Rincon that morning including Scotty Edwards and Chopper Shipwrights.
Another large disturbed Northwesterly pattern oin the way so hang on to your hats as it starts to get angry on friday!!!

Quicknote: Buller boardriders will be hosting a boardriders comp on OCt 10th and have invited Nelson Baordriders and Blenheim boys for a bit of a pre-Cape Classic practice session. Entry fee is a couple of sausages and a loaf of bread.

Later Bols

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