Friday, October 29, 2010


(above) ninemile doing its thing

Aloha people and welcome to yet another exhuberant rant about the surf-city we all love to hate. Firstly just a run down on whats been happening in on the surf front and this aint gonna take long because thats NOTHING!!! Its been flat!! The only real news I have is that early last week Stefan Menzies and Simon Pooley went for a leisurely grovel at Delaware Bay and whilst sitting their chatting Stefan eyed a long black shadow lurking beside him and just before he had time to poop in his speedoes' next to that shadow a good 20-30 foot of water began to rise as "Big Mother" Orca gave the boys the big crinkly eyeball as they power-pooped there way to shore.Once over the initial shock the guys watched in awe as the pair (mother and calf) cruised the bay and gently returned to deeper water.
Without getting too down about the current state of surf related weather in Nelson , NIWA and Metservice are both predicting an early summer directly related to the persisting La-Nina weather pattern meaning above average sea surface temperatures over summer with the increased chance of Tropical Cyclone or ex-tropical cyclones making landfall in NZ. CYclone analysts predicting at least 12 of the grunters developing in the south pacific this season!!! ....
If its ever gonna happen again,, its gonna be this summer!!!!

Cape Classic Result - Last weekend saw 6 Nelson/Blenheim "nelsonboardriders" surfers compete in the Cape Classic with some good results going down. The first day saw tricky conditions in the 4-8ft range whilst the sunday settled down to a lully 2-4ft with some exciting surfing action.
For full results check the SISA website and for the Nelson crews results check below and theres also some good photos there too courtesy of Raefe Murray.
Open Mens: Igor Ishida Coura and Jason Hylkema (equal 17th) Mark Nichols (equal 9th)
Senior Mens: Hamish Simpson (equal 9th) Mark Nichols (equal 5th) Junior Mens: Marco Edwards (equal 9th) Masters: Hamish Simpson (equal 5th)and finally THE MAN of the day Mike "Ratty" Lindstrom finishing 3rd overall in the Cadets (u/17) division. An epic result and a taste of bigger things to come and incredible incentive for all the young Nelson/Blenheim groms
(above): Rip-Bowl at NineMile.
(above) Peanut Gallery on the Rocks
(above): Beauty and the beast
All photos courtesy of Raefe Murray

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