Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Flatness is upon us........

(above): Gavin Stones amazing message from the heavens

Judging by the title of this post its not hard to work out that as far as weather outlooks go, things are looking pretty bleak for a change in Surf City. Could it be that an end to our consistent run of waves is drawing to a close as the day time temperatures warm up and the fronts seem to get "melted" away, or is this just merely the first decent blocking high pressure system we've had in months and perhaps its time to actually dry some stuff out and relish some good old fashioned sunshine.... Either way as Olin Pilcher once bitterly put it, "You live in Nelson - get used to it" !! (above): Marco Edwards eyes a tasty Kina

So, on the surf front, a quick "flash in the pan" windswell thursday saw the local "hüi" milking The Cut dry and with some heavy shipping traffic that day it was definatly a "no-nonsense"", paddle across as Brandon Kingi found out , claiming that he was glad he was wearing his brown underpants. On a quick note, Brandon returns back to hit Titahi Bay stomping grounds next week and we will miss his devastating hacks but wish him all the best and look forward to seeing him early in the New Year!! Chur Bro!!
Later in the arvo on Thursday the Glen's own "bra boys" turned up the heat in the solid conditions with Marco, Rich Barry and crew pushing the limits. Solo effort goest to Liam Buttner who scored some "rather surprisingly" nice Cable Bay after lunch on thursday all by himself. Rory Dubz claims to have been pulling backflips on his booger but Im not sure if getting sucked over the falls upside down actually counts?? Remember Roz, you talk it you walk it!!
Friday morning saw everyone looking a little gutted as the un-forecast westerly change blew up about 9pm Thursday evening and pretty much demolished the swell from Thursday leaving a whimpering 1-2ft cross-chop fest at Snappers, a few die-hards tested the conditions including Jeremy Pooley, Justin Fletcher and Nelson Girls Tali Vidal and Ashleigh Trainor.
Finally lets hope that the easing of the weather patterns is not a sign of a let up in waves and look forward to some rapidly increasing water temperature in weeks to come !!


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