Monday, October 11, 2010

Its all Happening!

(above)UPDATED MONDAY Latest map for Saturday's first day of Cape Classic.

forecast glorious weather and a final reminder of the 20th anniversary Cape Classic. Next weekend, Labour Weekend, 23-24-25 October.
Its going to be huge with about 20 or so people from Nelson heading down.
The long range weather forecast shows a big fat high looming over the country so expect sunburn, too much surf and possibly the most awesome time you can have before the Mayan calendar ends.

On the swell stakes, last Saturday morning saw a chunky windswell roll through with everyone getting waves at various different locations. Its great to see people exploring their options. Rumour has it some science guys were ripping up the cut early saturday!! Rabbit Island was surprisingly good also and standout of the day was Russell Bruce, talk about an energizer bunny...... !! Say no more!!

On saturday night Nick Bygate and the rest of his "BoyZone" mates decided it would be a great idea to ride a mountain bike really fast down the church steps in town with most of the boys ending up with one injury or another. Nearly as good as the time Nick burned his skateboard on a fire to summon the next days surf but when the surf was crap the next day couldnt go skateboarding.....

Anyhow,enough meaningless dribble looks like waves late weekend, and Summer is looming!!

Froth it up.

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