Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rapid Fire Update:

(above): Inside Mangamanu doing its thing!!

Good morning Rabid-Frothers and welcome to this weeks spill about Surf City and the like.
On the Surf front there was a semi exciting windswell last sunday/monday which saw some awesome grovelling going down from The Glen, to Delaware and to The Cut with harsh Northwesterly winds corrupting the swell. Leftovers on monday saw some average Snappers being surfed and a couple of other spots firing. (above): Olin Pilcher Craning for the pit whilst Russ Bruce cracks the top off another cold one!!
Last friday a gang of Nelson boys invaded Mangamanu in Kaikoura and scored the goods whilst a few days before that Aaron Lyttle and his airport crewman tried their luck off the Nile Street bridge. Enjoy the photos and I wish you all a safe and enjoyable Labour Weekend.
All Sick Photos: Courtesy of Jeremy Pooley.

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