Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Other Side

Greetings Surflings! Now It has been a long and torturous wait for waves here in Nelson of late infact I think this could be the longest flat spell I have endured in my 8 or so years of residence here. I remember we went 5 weeks without a swell about 6 years ago but this crazy never-ending high pressure ridge we are stuck in seems set to smash that with no real swell since around October 15. For the super desperate there are still the odd seabreeze windchop swells which fill in the afternoon on an incoming tide but this is strictly longboard action only.
In hindsight it has been hard to deal with but there is almost a definite end in sight with the first significant change in this weather system beginning early next week. Keep the faith.

(above): Keep the faith! (There is actually someone in this tube if you click and enlarge)

With all this non-action here in Nelson its great to see everyone getting out and about and one particular area in mind has been getting its fair share of good waves of late and a few good photos are starting to filter back. Remember its not that much of a mission to "The Other side" be it either west or east and sometimes you never know unless you go.
(above): Un-named east coast break going Nato.

(above)Scott Rewi demolishing Korimiko cheese factory lefts!!

(above) Photos courtesy of Bruce Wilson and Sarah Potts(pictured in front of heaving lefts!). Thanks again,.

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