Monday, December 6, 2010

A Change in The Air??

Greetings once again everyone and is it just me or is there something different in the air today?? Sniff Sniff, thats right, its raining!! Looking forward through the isobar charts it looks as though our poor surf-starved souls are about to be replenished not just once but multiple times over the next couple of weeks and pretty soon every King Neptune and his Stand-up Paddle Board will have something to cheer about whilst riding Ruby Bay howlers.

Its definately been a long time between waves for our local shores but thats not to say we havent been getting out and about with local crew spreading far and wide throughout both coasts. Liam Buttner and Joe Thornton have been doing covert West Coast missions along with Ashleigh Trainor and Tali Vidal whilst Joe Leeper, Marco and Jacko were seen hanging out with Boy-Racers along the tip-head strip. Jackson has just bought himself a 20 seater bus so look out for a dodgy tall guy selling icecreams in the Snappers carpark. Keni Duke-Hetet and myself have been keeping the arms in check doing afternoon paddle missions up and down Tahunanui beach and looking like Baywatch stars as we enter and exit the water whilst Bruce Wilson has been doing missions over to the Blenheim area just so he can drive really fast staring into the rows of Grape Vines as they "flicker" by!
Expect to see a strange guy with flippers and a thing stuck to his hand out in the surf now the water as warmed up too....

Last but not least we bid farewell to Karne Harmon who's off to Auckland to drink as much Monster Energy drinks as he can and Conal A.K.A "Con-Dog" and Ana Parkes who embark on a 6 month long "holiday" to South America. To keep us in the loop Conal is trying his luck at Blogging and to follow their mission follow this link here
Adios AMigo's
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Bring it on

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