Friday, December 31, 2010

Rabbamoana and Rubanesia....Happy 2011 !!

Happy New Year!!!! Wishing everyone the best and brightest future for 2011.
>Cracking the whip and moving straight into this new decade I thought I would start with a reflection of last tuesday's huge windswell. Heavy rain, massive slips and the biggest floods in 150 years in Golden Bay , this storm also brought with it one of the largest swells we have seen in couple of years although unfortunately it mellowed out quite fast due to a blustery souwest change although it was this combining factor which set Ruby Bay and Rabbit Island on fire with a blaze of offshore cylinders that had everyone rubbing their eyes in disbelief infact I even broke the arm off my sunglasses from taking them on and off so many times and had a sore arm from pointing at the ridiculous non-sensical barrels spitting up and down Rabbit Island. This is no joke. Anyone will tell you this was Rabbit Island on steroids.

(above): Ruby Rights
The swell had peaked earlier at about 11am with (in hindsight) solid 8-10ft waves breaking along The Boulder Bank, then after midday as the souwest came up you could see the spray coming off the back of the waves from the highway between Nelson and the Glen giving you an idea of the size.
Not to be out-done the sleeping beauty Ruby bay awoke with some real size leaving everyone stunned in its wake.
Classic Quotes from "Big Tuesday": "This is just like Aramoana"- Andy Riley reffering to Rabbit Island....."I thought I was in Indonesia"- Rachel Hills reffering to Ruby Bay...

(above): Left hand runners at Rabbit Island.
Not sure about Ruby Bay as it can get amazing during Cyclone swells but everyone I have talked to agrees hands down this was "The Best Day Ever"at Rabbit Island, the quick offshore changing leaving the swell still broken enough to explode onto the sand with spits literally huffing left, right and centre.

(above): Leif Christenson riding a mini-mal and slotting into a Rabid gem.

(above): Ruby Lefts.

* Photos supplied by James Marshall and Rach Hills ANYONE WITH MORE PHOTOS PLEASE SHARE !!

Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that when there is a good swell running in Nelson, you wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world! You know this!!
Thanks to everyones support for this site/blog over the years (6 years now) The sitemeter quite often averages around 55-65 hits a day believe it or not.
Your only on earth for a short time so why not share the fun instead of being all uptight!! (puns directed!) and wasnt it great how Huey chucked a slip across the road the other day so none of those Blenheim boys could get here!!!! Apart from Richard Norton who was here already and tearing the bags as normal.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year once more!!
now lets see these Cyclones ,yeeewwww -peace!

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  1. Parcero nice pict...good surf........NBR 2011


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