Saturday, January 22, 2011

A question of Etiquette?

Once again the topic above raises its ugly head as crowd concentrations over the last swell saw some heated moments out at Snappers. I got told to mention it on this blog so here are some attempts to water everything down.

Basically if you see more than a dozen people in the water and there are only 2-3 wave sets then if you do the maths its not hard to work out that waves are gonna be pretty hard to come by. Sure everyone has the right to surf where they wanna surf but just remember some table manners. There are always other spots breaking when Snappers is on including the first carpark, the Glen and even some other mysto spots if your willing to search.
When Snappers is really on, then you will see the more skilled come out to play and if your not that competent on a board then perhaps you should be honest with yourself and surf within your capabilties either sitting wide or surfing elsewhere. Dropping in is an absolute no-no... although if you are on the inside and you see someone looking like they are going to drop in then give out a shout and yell "yep" cos if you're on the inside its your wave (unless you paddled out inside of everyone wink wink nudge nudge).No point crying someone dropped in if you didnt call them off the wave when they attempted it... Share the wealth too, you dont turn up to a bbq and put all the food in the boot of your car and drive home now do you....!!

(above): I mean seriously, where else does this happen??....

Snappers has always, and will always be a frustrating place to surf when its perfect
as it just breaks in one place and only shifts slightly. If you blatantly, naievely and/or ignorantly disobey the basic ground rules of Surfing then you most likely will find yourself in a heated situation and at the end of the day thats not why we're out there is it>??

Now sit back and check this clip from 6 or 7 years ago when it WASN"T less crowded!

*(please note):This post was requested by concerned members of our surfing community and is by no means my own personal view or means of "giving instructions"
(Pun intended Pete!!) 90% of the time I score good waves with just one or two others , so it is possible...

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