Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Wrap.

So we all got excited for the monday/tuesday predicted swell and once again swellmap let us down 12 hours out, constantly changing its forecast over the 2 days making me wonder the validity of such sites if they can change their "mind"" somewhat restoratively or hindsightedly within 6hours of real time. I mean what is the point??
Monday saw a nice yet inconsistent 2-3ft swell rolling in shared by a few luckys in the middle of the day becoming much crowded for the amount of waves later. Then
come Tuesday saw a boost in swell with some guys stepping out of the picture and recieving heaving shacks over at Whangamoa Bar, word has it was breaking like Hossegor in France....

A couple of photos above and below from Bill Evans of the only real standout surfer of the swell, Rachel Hills. Taking it apart. You go girl!!!
i have 27minutes of footage from tuesday afternoon if anyone wants a copy and about 600 photos all courtesy of Bill so hit me up if you want copies...

Keni Duke's big birthday bash is coming up soon so look out for that one ,,, its gonna be hella-fat.

Catchya Next Swell...

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