Thursday, May 19, 2011

Resting Period!!

(above):Russ Bruce as always...devastating.

As the title suggests we have almost had a little too much surf in the last few weeks if there ever is such a thing with most of us feeling a little sore, stiff and tired from surfing our absolute hearts out as we know in Nelson, you definately have to make hay while the sun shines...
Various sessions at Snappers, too many to be counted have been documentated by our beloved photographer Bill Evans with a disc produced detailing these days between the 3rd and 12th of May... if you would like a copy of this disk because if you surfed these days you are most likly captured then please contact nelsonboardriders at hotmail dot com to arrange a copy.

(above): Tak'e"San" Maeda and Jimmy Mack's Snap attack...

Keni Duke's big 40th bash was a great success with great food and great stories with Scotty Edwards keeping everyone captivated with his magic tricks. Olin's kai-moana had everyone shucking and the dancefloor was later lit up by Linda, Sinead and Kenis revival of Boney-M's classics.
(above): James"Laff"Laird's speed float.

Rest up folks, and get some work done because as we know in surf city.. the next swell is always just around the corner.......

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