Monday, May 9, 2011

Whats really goin' on.

(above):Andy Riley, Swagger in Motion.
SO, photos, photos and more photos. Its raining visual entertainment!!!
Sunday , sunday saw the mothers day/ girls surf day go off at Tahunanui Beach with a solid 3ft swell pulsing in whilst elsewhere, well.... where do I start??
(above): Scotty Edwards, loving life.

(above): Whats really goin on.

Scotty Edwards, Dean Briggs, Andy Riley and Uncle Chop-Chop all headed over the way and scored at a location that is often frowned upon as not really a wave but nontheless the boys managed to get a couple in. Whilst the hardy crew tackled Snappers at a chunky 6 foot.
(above): Scotty sratchin that record.

The next morning saw a beautiful leftover swell in th 3ft range forcing many to be late for work and school.
Heaps of photos to come so stay tuned.
(above) TrB's Briggsy forgetting all about Kahuna's
(above) Happy happy Joy Joy.

*All photos courtesy of Raefe Murray... Legend Raefe. Legend.....

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