Monday, July 18, 2011

Best Winter Ever?

Well its probably about time to raise the above mentioned question and I will back up with a poll acrosss the page but realistically we have been riding on the crest of the most consistent autumn/winter in recent memory...(above): Paddling out to empty mid-morning Snappers, you cant beat that feeling.
. Now unless my memory is relatively short I have never in my 9 years of Nelson residence seen such consistency in surf in Tasman Bay. It all began late April and continued to pump throughout May at least 3-4days a week with La Nina sub-troppo low after low forming in the North Tasman sea, May also going down in the history books as the wettest on record in NZ. Lets face it, we barely managed 2 days in a row without rain and the ground is still ridiculously sodden. That brings me to the next point, about 2 weeks ago I thought our lucky run was at an end but then a "super-system" reared its snow saturated head and bellowed down 7-9metre swells out west with enough raw power to wrap its way into Tasman Bay and like I said, just when you thought it was over ...Tasman Bay went on a 9 day straight swell bender....

(above) more emptiness.
Its been an awesome run and for those of you who have been out of town the whole time YES , you have missed what is turning out to be the best winter ever.
For example the shots in the post were takin on the 7th day of last weeks bender and there were no more than 4 guys in the water all day because lets face it,,, we're all just a little bit sick of this surfing thing anyway!!!
Surf City, Nelson. Its a way of life and really be honest.... you wouldnt wanna be anywhere else.....(above): eternal grommet Bill evans the master at work.

Photos courtesy of Mitsu-San~~

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