Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Club Comp a wet success...Full Story

Despite the inclement weather a hardy crew pressed on through piss-sisting rain on Sunday and despite a few late withdrawals everyone present managed to enjoy themselves in weather only really enjoyed by Ducks and Surfers in that order.
The call was made on thursday night to run on Sunday rain hail or shine so it was suprising to see the amount of late withdrawals with people texting from the warmth of their beds asking "whats happening"... Anyhow, bitching aside the day went off without a hitch once again and the hardy crew reaped the rewards of a long day at the bank.
Jackson Gregory's mum Jeanne never let the groms down constantly arriving throughout the day with comfort tools including hot water bottles, Hot drinks and Toasties for this effort she even recieved a spot prize! A makeshift Cadet heat was held after 4 guys under 16 turned up from Blenheim and although the boys struggled in the lineup they were all stoked at their first introduction to contest surfing.

The mornings waves were an inconsistent 1-2ft but by the turn of the tide the swell started to jack around midday and the wind dropped leaving the finals to be contested in lumpy but glassy 2-4ft with one Bomb set coming through in the open final destroying all competitors and a few hundred muttonbirds left everyone a little spooked also.

Unfortuneately Olin Pilchers BBQ never got to be lit due to the weather and a makeshift presentation was held in the carpark afterwards. A massive thanks to Hogey from hogeys Surf and Miff and Alina from R&R along with all those who helped on the day.......You Know Who You Are!!!!!

(above): Blenheim Boardrider Levil Maxwell(right) and Nelson's own Geoff Noble making light of the dull condtions in the judging booth on sunday.

Summer Schnapper Classic Results

Longboard: 1st Geoff Noble (Nel)
2nd Levi Maxwell (Blen)
3rd Jackson Gregory (Nel)
4th Wesley Smith (Nel)

Masters35+ : 1st Richard Norton (Blen)
2nd Hamish Simpson (Nel)
3rd Paulo Devia (Nel)
4th Barry Kingston (Nel)

Open: 1st: Mark Nichols (Nel)
2nd: Richard Norton (Blen)
3rd: Mike Lindstrom (Blen)
4th: Levi Maxwell (Blen)

Junior U20: 1st: Mike Lindstrom (Blen)
2nd: Jackson Gregory (Nel)
3rd: Marco Edwards (Nel)
4th: Ash O Donnell (Ble


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  2. Pretty crazy coincidence. I was walking back to the car after a surf at Delaware this evening, when I found a camera lying on the beach. Flicking through the pics, I saw a few surf shots on there, so I thought I'd drop by this website to post about it and see if I could find its rightful owner. And then I see that the photos in this article were taken on the very camera I found.

    So, if you think said camera belongs to you, give me a bell on 0211065165 (DO NOT TEXT ME) and answer the simple security question. Security question is: Several of the photos on the camera graphically depict gnarly bruising to which part of a female's body?



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