Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Direction.....

Welcome to 2012.... and if you follow the Mayan calendar welcome to our last year, the last page, the grand finale. Many different authors and prophets point to the year 2012 bearing some kind of cata-chlysmic event so lets make the most of every day just incase !!!
As the title suggests a few changes this year with the club more so looking for input from others as to what is exactly up with Nelson Boardriders as a club. What do we want it for? A few of the tribal elders getting their feathers fruffled at the thought of occasional club contests all be it fun ones of course. The younger ones searching for more in the club perhaps more finger pulling from them? A sometimes general stalemate in club motivation quite often coinciding with flat surf conditions.. and just a general wanting from myself for others to get more involved.

Its pretty easy just to say "ÿeah its a stupid idea having a surf club in nelson anyway" , but at the same time..... is it? Perhaps more club action during these flat spells may keep the motivation lingering longer.....
As stated on the old website version, Nelson Boardriders was created to provide unity within our surfing commmunity, there are no alterior motives regarding popularisation or promoting of surfing in Nelson.

From a personal point of view 2011 saw the development of Blenheim Boardriders and a big congrats to those guys who have really "got their shit together", I personally felt a little embarassed at the lack of commitment to our club compared with theirs.
I mean, our club members paid money to join so surely they must want some kind of voice?? Or then again maybe expected something for nothing???
At the same time as once stated by Dunedin Rob, even if the club sits around and does nothing its good to have a body of people together so that if ever anything does become a problem in our surfing community then we do have a voice and a leg to stand on.

Anyhow, its your club too so dont be afraid to get involved.

A quick correction of results from our club comp before I go with Levi Maxwell actually finishing 3rd in the opens not 4th. Relegating Mike to 4th. An apology from myself as these results count towards the Nelson/Marlborough points series.
Included are some photos from a semi secret destination. Although the destination is not that secret, you will have a semi of a time trying to get there !!!


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