Thursday, March 15, 2012

So where are the Waves?

About 10 days ago we recieved a long overdue 6ft groundswell but unfortunately it only hung around for the day also!!! this re-kindled everyones appetite on why we love to live and surf in Nelson and all of a sudden there was promise in the air with fresh systems brewing off the Queensland coast.
However, in recent days the forecasts line up to be the most "epic in years" only to completely change the next day and totally ripping our hearts out making us wonder whether there is someone in surf forecast land who just loves to tease Nelson surfers...... Im pretty sure there is.....
Below is a photo of the other Saturday at Snappers and above is another shot, both sent in by Conal Parkes and the above mentioned photo pretty much sums up the pining we all encounter in good old Nelson Surf-City......... "What will tommorow bring?"

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