Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Season Winter Wetsuits

Feeling cold about now?... Hogeys surf has just stocked a whole heap of new season Oneill wetsuits for the season including the new Rg8 made from recycled neoprene and of course the new highly anticipated psycho3. Alongside this is also a limited edition model known as the Pyro-Freak.... Nothing says goodbye winter like a new wettie so check in and check out, and if they dont have your size in stock they can get it in within a couple of days!!!


  1. is it hard paddling in all that rubber? looks uncomfortable as hell!? How thick are the wetties you use right now and whats the water temP?

  2. Do the Oneill suits still load up with water and get really heavy?

  3. only if youve lost weight spud !! ;-)


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