Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Norwester brings Epic Baby and Surf !!

Driving home Thursday afternoon and knowing my wife was a day overdue in her pregnancy I happened to glance out to the horizon as I cruised north through Atawhai and saw a big mother of a cloud bank rolling into the bay. I knew that with it brought lower pressure and as I saw it coming I knew at that moment my baby son was coming too. Arriving home a few minutes later I was greeted by my wife and friend as they counted contractions in the loungeroom and from there on in, it was all on.... including the surf... (above):Leif Christenson on a mother at The Glen. Friday the 13th saw the arrival of our baby son Eli,and then Saturday on provided us with a good old fashioned Northwest swell whereby the front popped as it hit Nelson leaving us with no wind behind it and an epic 4-6ft swell. Sunday, Leif Christenson and myself high as a kite on adrenaline paddled out into heaving 6ft Glen, getting suited up at my house was as if we were going to war...not a word was said to eachother. Later on a few others crew including, Richie Vass, Keni Duke, Stephen Blenkiron , Gary Miller and Conal Parkes got amongst it also with Blink calling it 8 out of 10 and similar to Kahutura. Graeme Bird claiming a few frightful horizon paddles. For those of you who have surfed the Glen will know.. you dont wanna go a round with the impact zone. Two people have had major back injuries there in the past so its always a cat and mouse game. (above): Schnappers Magic Monday was an enough said day. Some even calling the some of the best Schnappers in recent memory and I for one wont argue. Thats it for me for now, a long time between updates but thems the brakes when its bubba time !!! (above): Eli Stephen Nichols - born July 13th 2012 !!!! yeeewwww

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  1. That wave Leif is on is embarking on the 8ft realm! if you look closely hes still got another chest high of wave below him!!!! the angle does not do this wave justice....


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