Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Consistency "Rains" Supreme

An absolutely incredible amount of rainfall over the last 5 weeks and alongside it has been an equally incredible run of swell consistency. Without being obsessive compulsive there has been 21 days of good rideable surf out of the last 36 with every low pressure system just sitting that little bit higher in the Tasman and filtering in some very pleasant North to Northwest swells. We havent had any amazing days with most swells in the 2-4ft range however we are definately not complaining!! Later in the weekend looks like another swell tickle from the Northwest and with the sun finally poking its head out it would seem everything and everyone is feeling that Spring in their step. Too many days to individually itemise each surf but theres been heaps of low crowd Snapper sessions going, some exploring , some solo guru sessions and basically everyone getting their fair share and others just being plain gluttons !!! A few photos slowly trickling in from over the last few weeks so i thought it time to cough them up and lets look forward to some more of this surf city action.

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