Tuesday, September 11, 2012

...and then there was 10.

Gday everyone, hoping you're all rested up between swells and making hay while the sun shines. Unbelievable, we are staring down the barrel (some of us) at the 10th weekend in a row of swell making this having to be the most consistent run of swell in Nelson history?... Im sure there might be late 70's stories of 10ft courdroy lines that just rolled into Tahuna beach like Pipeline but lets face it, this period in time also saw Ziggy Stardust and Adam Ant. A typical Spring is underway with gusty westerlies on cue but this should see the soddon ground dry up and we should also start to see a spike in water temp however the latest dump of white powder may reverse this trend momentarily. All in all its been an amazing winter for waves in Nelson, with Kaikoura locals complaining of the flattest spells in years. Count your lucky stars and get out there and enjoy!!! Photo: Olivia Morrison

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