Monday, September 17, 2012

The Run Continues!!!

Another system slipped through Nelson making it the 10th weekend/monday system in a row and without getting too pre-anticipatory you could almost harness a giggle at the way the next load of isobars are gearing up. Saturday afternoon saw a lucky crew scoring great Cable Bay with Rachel and Julian Clark, Rich Barry, myself and Dunedin via Taiwan longboard shredder Ben Winmill getting amongst it,,, A following morning dawn raid saw the treacherous Glen Point surfed at Dawn whilst Bruce Wilson hit Snappers and Dunedin Rob charged to Cable Bay. <(below:) Ben Winill tests the depth of his fins at Glen Point
Sunday afternoon saw the numbers fill at Snappers with everyone getting their hit of weekend goodness whilst this Monday mornings leftovers kept rolling through all day.
(above) Bruce Wilson, Snappers Dawn Sunday

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