Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Daylight Savings!!

Okay so all you celebrating your extra hour in the evening spare a thought for those of us that like to get up before the sun!!!! Like Ben Winmill and myself scoring perfect chest high sandbar lefts at 630am Monday morning under the full moon !!! Theres something awesome about returning home before 9am already having a surf under your belt so lets hurry up the day stretching already !!!
-A noteable rise in water temp this week also with a rough guess probably putting it at 15 degrees however a dump of snow monday night may slow this process. School holidays are upon us and the summery daytime temperatures are giving us something to smile about. Never fear the swell run stopping as we see a big west norwest wind blast swell moving in for the weekend and predictions of a deep low developing right in "the slot" early next week have got a few people trembling in their own froth with rumours even of the return of the elusive Froth-Dog. !!! The Cape Classic surfing competition in Westport is set once again to go down on Labour Weekend at Tauranga Bay in Westport (Oct 20-22) and for those of you keen to hook up with a Nelson "team" make sure you get involved by the end of this week as positions are closing team wise and with great help from Sponsors like Bruce Design&Build and Hogeys Surf , theres no excuses!!!! ( see SISA site below for more info and contact Nelsonboardriders @ hotmail for more info) Thats it from me. See you in the tube... me looking out!!!

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