Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rabeyes only for you.

 Howdy everyone and thank god that short week is over !!!!!!
A mysterious low is lurking somewhere out there....will it provide swell is the question on everyones lips.
Even more mysterious would be the spike in swell late Monday Labour day which saw a few  lucky crew scoring empty Snappers and Dbay.
Water temps have increased dramatically over the last week leaving many sweating in their winter suits and
the club/contact page has been updated with an amended member list.
A few random shots from a couple weekends ago at Rabbit Island and thats about it.....
(above): With an extra 5kg on your ribs, this could be you.

(above): Unknown Soldier about to battle the end section.

(above): Tomas Ogilivie, Colm Dubienic and Connor Haines,
Nelson's next generation modelling womens wetsuits.

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