Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Warrior Heaven

Saturday morning I found myself sitting in a boat heading to an undisclosed location chatting about the possibilities of a solid groundswell the following morning. Huey the god of surf did not let us down with clean and solid 4-6ft lines rolling into the bay come sunday dawn. Schnappers (note spelling: Scotty) was the place to be seen at dawn with just about every man and his dog vying for dominance amongst the flooding tide which eventually succeeded everyone forcing those in the know to Cable Bay. Jonothan Harris, well known west coast goofy-footer was amongst the cable crew alongside a couple of Kaikoura boys, Scott Edwards and the effervescent born again grommet trio of Keni Duke, Barry Fitz and Stephen Blenkiron. Richie Barry also threaded a few gems under the nose of the hasslers. While just around the corner a local guy surfed thundering hightide beachies all to his lonesome.
Now whilst all this was happening, Rabbit Island was throwing down some fun 2-3ft gems with one count revealing 26 surfers of all abilities spread across the never ending stretch of sand. Our car load of grommets checked Ruby Bay at first light but saw Toby Wild entering the water on his SUP and we knew we were no match. Nelson's full of waves, and sometimes surfers, yet the secret is to think outside the square. . Still in the hunt for some photos from the weekend so send em in to and share the wealth!!! Cheers.

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