Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flat Day Fun: Barry Kingston re-learns skateboards.

I gotta take my hat off ( if I wore one) to this guy. Local surfer Barry Kingston at the ripe young age of 60 decides he's had enough of the flat swell run and its time to get some board action. much to the amusement of myself and Russell Bruce. Barry decided it was his night to try skateboarding again after a 44 year hiatus.
Lets just say a picture paints a thousand words of pain. I would say children dont try this at home but then again I hope im still a child when im 60 !! All the best on the recovery Bazza!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stop Press: Jimmy and Jacko in Sri Lanka??

Just when we thought we'd be seeing these grommets home soon the last their mums heard they had jumped a plane to Sri Lanka last seen sipping Ceylon.

Get ready to feel the flatness!!

(above): Kevin Burgess arty take on Ruby bay

As the title suggests, hovering over the 10 day isobar chart things are looking pretty glum for surf-city over the coming week if not fortnight. Lucky for some though this weekend provided some goodies with Saturday Night producing a late arrival 2-3ft session with a faithful crew hitting Schnappers it within 30minutes of the swells arrival . Rich Barry first on the scene as if he had been waiting in the bushes whilst quickly followed by Jason Hylkema, Stoke vet Pete Heyes, Jamie Field and a few other normals. Sunday morning I found myself paddling out at 5:15am to perfect empty 4ft Snappers, clean as a whistle. I guess my baby boy waking at 4am was ok after all!!! joined half an hour later by Jamie, Gary, Neil Tyson, Barry Kingston, Grahame Loveridge and then some. Was one of the memorable sessions of the year infact with crowd number low and plenty of consistent sets. On a good note the water temperature is hovering just under 18deg c and one would guess that with the coming week or so run of warm weather the next swell in Nelson is gonna be springsuit time.
(above): Dont be surprised to see this guy over the next few weeks either. Joe Leeper, leaping.
Yibbida Yibbida Thats all folks

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Back Bar Sup Serenity.

A clip from Warren Mitchell and friends out on the back bar at Tahuna. Its like the place was built for Sup's with sometimes 300metre long rides and no way a surfboard could ever catch these slow rollers so crowds are never a problem. Lucky for Sup!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Extra Long Time In Nias

So it seems all the younger Nelson crew are slowly staggering back to our shorelines and low and behold the swell is actually drying up. At least Jackson Gregory and Jimmy Mckay are living the dream still on extended bonus time stay in Nias, Indonesia. Heres a montage of the boys doing it tough....

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo of the Week.

A bit of photoshop action by Christchurch photog Andy lukey entitled "...and God said let there be spray"
The Lowdown-(above): Nelson's own Marco Edwards with blatant disregard for Westport's Antony Hema

Monday, November 5, 2012

......but wait there's more.

You wouldn't be the first to admit of being worried about the last couple of weeks weather charts, as it seemed the warmer land temperature has pushed the last couple of frontal systems just that little further south and being the ever supersticious person I am, I was certain that the return of one of our grommets Marco Edwards to Nelson 2 weeks ago had ended our best swell run in history.
(above): Cable Bay's Big Brother
All was not lost though with last Saturday producing a mediocre Norwest swell in the 3 to 4ft range and Rabbit Island turned on the goods round midday with surprisingly low crowd numbers.
Saturday saw the return of Jason "Hulkmeister" Hylkema paddling out on a fresh new stick after a year and a half out of the water focusing on the gym and his personal training career. Jason was in fine form and proved that just cause you dont surf doesnt mean you cannot!!?!?!.... Cj Barton on the other hand wowed onlookers when he was momentarily possesed by AI's spirit on one wave with ultra lamina flow.

Looking forward to the next system as its shaping up to be a doozie and as our ounger crew return back to Nelson for the summer be sure to see the action lighting up with frothers in every direction !!!

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