Sunday, November 18, 2012

Get ready to feel the flatness!!

(above): Kevin Burgess arty take on Ruby bay

As the title suggests, hovering over the 10 day isobar chart things are looking pretty glum for surf-city over the coming week if not fortnight. Lucky for some though this weekend provided some goodies with Saturday Night producing a late arrival 2-3ft session with a faithful crew hitting Schnappers it within 30minutes of the swells arrival . Rich Barry first on the scene as if he had been waiting in the bushes whilst quickly followed by Jason Hylkema, Stoke vet Pete Heyes, Jamie Field and a few other normals. Sunday morning I found myself paddling out at 5:15am to perfect empty 4ft Snappers, clean as a whistle. I guess my baby boy waking at 4am was ok after all!!! joined half an hour later by Jamie, Gary, Neil Tyson, Barry Kingston, Grahame Loveridge and then some. Was one of the memorable sessions of the year infact with crowd number low and plenty of consistent sets. On a good note the water temperature is hovering just under 18deg c and one would guess that with the coming week or so run of warm weather the next swell in Nelson is gonna be springsuit time.
(above): Dont be surprised to see this guy over the next few weeks either. Joe Leeper, leaping.
Yibbida Yibbida Thats all folks

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