Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy New Cyclone Year.

Seasons Greetings Surflings and I hope we are all engaging in all of life's excesses as we celebrate the end of the year.A time to look back on the year and a time to look forward into the New.
A general overview of the surf for the year in what has been described by many as the most consistent in memory. Starting off slow as we headed into March the swells became a little more consistent and as the water temperature cooled, the action heated, and from July 13th ( the birth of my first child) we had no less than 13 weekends sat/sun sun/mon combination swells in a row with there being no more than 4 flat days before the next swell would arrive. We even had swells arrive from nowhere on the map to be seen.
So many days of surf to the point where I began to calculate that since July 13 I have been surfing 60times making for an average of 2.66666 surfs per week, not bad for a town "with no surf".

Whether you suffer from "swellmap says" or are a look out the window type surfer, one thing is for sure is that you can never take your eye off the ball in Nelson. Boxing day afternoon a prime example...flat at 3pm... 4ft at 6pm.

Thanks for tuning in and have a safe and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sharks at Delaware

A school of Bronze Whaler sharks were hanging out in the estuary and rivermouth at Delaware Bay over the weekend including this 2metre guy pictured below. Makes you feel alive doesnt it !!!
Thanks to Bruce Wilson for the shot and always use caution when surfing rivermouths !!!
(above): Curious 2metre Bronze Whaler Shark checks out curious humans.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Froth Dogs Predictions

Froth Dog's Predictions: 
" You have your best year ever, so why not have your best Xmas ever also"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Around the Grounds,

Last week saw a blustery windswell sweep into the bay with the returning Uni and holiday crew crowding up everywhere from The Glen to The Cut and everywhere inbetween. A couple of photos below from Jimmy Jay Wright, local skater turned learn to surfer, with his first attempts at photographing surfing. Good effort son!
(above): Joe Leeper high speed assault.
(above): Not bad for a first time surf photog !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Summertime!!

With December upon us I guess its time to kick back, enjoy the warmer times and with forecast waves on the way, life probably doesnt get much better in surf-city.
Heres a few reasons to get your summer froth on and see you and everyone in the water soon.

Top Ten reasons why Summer in Nelson aint that bad,,,

10: You get to catch up with mates past and present and spray each other in the face at Snappers.
 9: You get to spray people youve never seen before in the face at Snappers also.
 8: Water is warm enough to wear boardshorts on a good day.
 7: With so many parties going on no one gets to the surf before 10am.
 6: Longer daylight hours mean theres way more time to surf.
 5: Santa gives you a new Boogieboard for xmas.
 4: If you like eating Kina you're in your element.
 3: With so many stingrays in the estuary, everyones too afraid to surf  Delaware.
 2: You get to sensually rub your face and body with sunscreen and after sun lotions.
 1: Being Cyclone Season, we're sure due to get a really good one this summer.........

Happy Summer surfing.

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