Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy Summertime!!

With December upon us I guess its time to kick back, enjoy the warmer times and with forecast waves on the way, life probably doesnt get much better in surf-city.
Heres a few reasons to get your summer froth on and see you and everyone in the water soon.

Top Ten reasons why Summer in Nelson aint that bad,,,

10: You get to catch up with mates past and present and spray each other in the face at Snappers.
 9: You get to spray people youve never seen before in the face at Snappers also.
 8: Water is warm enough to wear boardshorts on a good day.
 7: With so many parties going on no one gets to the surf before 10am.
 6: Longer daylight hours mean theres way more time to surf.
 5: Santa gives you a new Boogieboard for xmas.
 4: If you like eating Kina you're in your element.
 3: With so many stingrays in the estuary, everyones too afraid to surf  Delaware.
 2: You get to sensually rub your face and body with sunscreen and after sun lotions.
 1: Being Cyclone Season, we're sure due to get a really good one this summer.........

Happy Summer surfing.

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