Saturday, January 12, 2013

Roll On Surf-City....

Greetings Surflings!... As we slide into January 2013 our previous years consistent run of surf seems to be following us into this year with moist sub-tropical flows whipping up numerous north-northwest swells.
Last weekend saw every man and his dog turn up to Delaware Bay with about 40 surfers, 20 on each bar jockeying for position in 1ft to 3ft conditions with the ridiculous irony being that meanwhile, the wind back in the bay had dropped out as Rich Barry, Spencer Jones and a couple of others enjoyed empty Snappers. Sometimes the sheep mentality is amazing but if theres 20 cars in a carpark then it must be pumping right?
(above): Rich  Barrys Yagermeister Hack

Rumour Mill: >> Which local surfer gloated about his recent Aussie excerpts only to miss his own local pumping>>>>Who was so proud of their 3rd snapped board repair describing how they fixed it only to snap  the board very next wave>>>>Who are the 4 boys recently returning from Indo who have gone out of their way to miss every good surf since theyve been back leaving some wondering did they actually surf at all in indo or just take photos of themselves in seedy street scenes and last but not least who lounged around like a lizard while 20 people fought over 1ft waves then woke up 2 hours later to find the waves thrice as big and the crowd halved looking like the ultimate guru paddling out and getting his share. Timing is everything!!
(above): Neil Tyson off the bottom.
Finally, a  big congrats to local surfer Scotty Edwards and his partner Mandy on the birth of their second daughter Raya!!! ....yeeooowwwwww!!

photos: Spencer Jones

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