Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Desperado Swell and West Coast Melts

After two solid weeks without waves everyone seemed to have had enough and a couple of different sets of crews headed to the West Coast for Saturday's predicted (by swellmap) 10 out of 10 swell.
The boys werent dissapointed with Jackson Gregory, Roz Dubz, Liam Buttner and company scoring all time Cobden/Channel joined by Christchurch talent scouts Taylor Mcneill and Tristan "T-Yazz" Yarrell.
Bruce Wilson made a quick Cameo appearance before sneaking back up the coast for some more secluded gems.Meanwhile, back at the Nelson ranch, people were convulsing in disgust at just the mere thought of those lucky crew scoring all time West magic....

Locally.......... Monday night (nelson anniversary) saw a quickly rising groundswell disguised as  a windswell glass off and some lucky lads surfed until dark whilst the leftover swell the next day reminded everyone of winter with snow on the western ranges and 11 degree air temp highly contrasting the night before's boardshorts surf.

Silly season is over and its time to surf so start your chanting and lets get surf city back in the mode!!!

Photo Credits: Wilson

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